This is part 2 of my Brown to Blonde video, except I have added the toners into this video too. Talking about different toners I’ve tried, what’s worked for me and advice too.

How I Took My Hair From Brown To Blonde (Revised) Part 2  & Toners

If you want to see part 1, please click here.


Sorry the sound is a little ‘hissy’ I apologise, I’ve tried to correct this twice and can only guess there is something wrong with my camera :/

Products mentioned in this video;

Jerome Russell BBlonde Bleach Powder

Peroxide (Salon Express) 3 & 6% (10/20 vol)

Wella Colour Fresh 10/81

La Riche Directions White Toner

La Rich Directions Violet Toner

L’Oreal Luocolor P01

Wella Colour Touch Relights Blonde 0/86

Disclaimer – This video is not me telling you this is how you should do it! I still cannot stress enough that if you are thinking of performing a chemical process on your hair (Whether this be changing its colour, perming, relaxing etc) that having a professional do this for you is always a better option. This video is purely to show you how I did it, what I used and give some hints and tips along the way. I am a trained hair dresser, but without actually seeing in person your hair and testing it I cannot say for sure how your hair would react to the chemical process. Therefore I cannot take any responsibility if you choose to copy my methods or what I have done. Also and although I stress this in my video I would like to stress it here again in my blog. If you do want chemical processes done on your hair and cannot afford a hairdresser (As lets face it, it can be expensive), please look into hair training schools, colleges and hair salons which have apprentices. They are always looking for models and sometimes ‘treatments’ can be free or at a fraction of the price! The trainees are often monitored and taught while you are having your hair done. Remember, we all had to learn somewhere and it it wasn’t for the late nights my salon offered and college training sessions I had I would have never learnt to do hair. It can be a lot more cost effective for you, the client this way – its just a thought.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx