If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to look after their skin, then the YOSO Pro could be worth considering. Or even, if you wanted to treat yourself and get your skin ready for the party season.


Here is a little information about the YOSO Pro…

This 3 Step Deep Cleansing system uses Ion technology to ensure that your skin is cleaner and fresher than ever before. By simply holding the YOSO PRO and touching it to your face the circuit is complete and the Ion technology is activated. The Ion technology works together with your body’s natural Ions to thoroughly cleanse and even out your skin tone. The smooth titanium head is extremely gentle on your skin, and the soft vibrations create an invigorating cleanse suitable for most skin types. ‘Truly clean skin in 3 simple steps’.

The advantage of the YOSO PRO is that you can use it to further enhance your current skin care routine. Offering 3 different intensity level settings, you are able to choose a level that best suits your skin sensitivity. With a maximum time of 5 minutes per step, and the added bonus that the YOSO PRO can be used with your regular daily cleansing and moisturising products, it will fast become a product you will not want to live a day without.


I have been using the YOSO Pro about 2 weeks now and have been giving it a thorough testing. As at present my eczema has flared up so I have avoided using the YOSO Pro near my eye area as this is not recommended. Also, as I do have sensitive skin I have not been using the YOSO PRo on high and have only tried it on low and medium. The device does come with a good instruction booklet which offers a lot of advice for different types and how to use it. I really recommend reading the instruction booklet before using the YOSO Pro as it is very helpful.


I’m not going to talk about the technical details of the product, in honesty I’ve no idea how it works, what I can say is this device is really very clever and the results were fantastic in my opinion.

I started out by using my toner and moisturiser each day with the YOSO Pro. I would apply the toner to a cotton pad and secure it with one of the ring attachements (You get 2 ring attachments with the kit). I would use this process on Cleanse with a low setting. After the device had run its course (It works for 5 minutes and then automatically stops so you know its done) I would then moisturise with my normal moisturiser (Its quite think the one I use) and use the YOSO Pro to give me a more intensive moisturising treatment, this also took 5 minutes and I used the Moisturise setting on medium. I did this process morning and night, granted it took a little more time than I would normally use on my skin care routine, but it was worth it. Here are some of the results I found;

  • My pores minimised. No, they didn’t totally disappear but they lessened, I think this was where my moisturiser was penetrating deeper and absorbing better.
  • My skins condition improved. I lost some of my drier areas (Please note, the YOSO Pro was not used on my eczema) around my forehead.
  • My makeup started to stay on my skin and wear better, I believe this was a number of factors as to why but also know it was down to the YOSO Pro.
  • As you can use your normal skin care products it meant I didn’t have to buy anything special with the device, so there was no additional expense, also my products did perform better.
  • My skin looks brighter and I’ve had less breakouts and clearer skin.

As you can see I noticed some great improvements with my skin while using the YOSO Pro and I’ve been really surprised with the results. If I am to liken how it feels when using it, its little pulses of vibrations on the skin. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t get hot and isn’t uncomfortable. The device instructions recommend starting the treatments on a low setting and that is exactly what  did. The only setting I have not tried yet is the Boost setting which can be used for more intensive moisturising, face masks and all sorts. If you want to see how the YOSO Pro works and some instructions, can I recommend you check out the Quick Start Guide here.


The YOSO Pro isn’t a cheap product, but I do think its extremely beneficial and would make a great gift whether for a loved one or even for yourself, why not give back to your skin this Christmas, I know my skin has loved me a lot more for using the YOSO Pro and I will continue to use it and see the benefits.

The YOSO Pro costs £149.99 and is available directly from BeautyCrowd.Com.

For more information on YOSO products, why not check out their WebsiteFacebook or Twitter page?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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