After reading too many reviews about Xen-Tan products and how fantastic they were I had to try for myself. I am a self tan freak! I’ve tried too many to mention and have been self tanning now since I was 14! That’s over 20 years (No I didn’t just write that!) of testing self tans – so I think I might know my stuff. From high end products like Estee Lauder and Clarins to St Tropez and Fake Bake to the drugstore/chemist brands like No 7 and Superdrugs own there is so much on the market these days and with so much choice its hard to find one that does everything it says on the tin.

Xen-Tan’s Dark Tanning Lotion claims to give you ‘a rich natural looking olive tan which lasts up to 10 days’ and ‘a streak free finish which we’ll love’. So the question is does it meet these claims.

Well, I have been using this product for over a month now. Firstly can I say it is the BEST smelling self tanning lotion I have EVER tried! I smell of cherry bakewell’s as my daughter tells me and my partner things I smell edible (Although he has to be reminded not to come near me when I have it on!!). The smell really is heavenly, like a rich scented moisturiser. Not too over powering but fresh and not like the other self tans I could name on the market which you can smell walking down the high street on some ladies. It is really very moisturising on the skin, probably down to the coconut and walnut oils it contains and leaves me skin velvety and smooth with a light sparkly sheen like I’ve just come in from sunbathing (no glitter involved!).
The application is good, I apply mine with latex gloves and use cotton pads for my feet, hands and around areas on my face so as to not get build up. I also use a buffing glove (the St Tropez one) once I have applied to lightly wipe over the application to remove any build up in places too to help with it being an even application.
It dries very quickly which is good in some respects as it means you aren’t doing the ‘Mummy’ walk like someone from a bad horror film but if you are new to self tans this can be bad as you may be over rubbing the lotion into your skin and making it a streaky application.
The tan is instant in that the lotion is tinted so you can see where you have applied and need to apply and is one of the few tanner on the market that I have used that I can apply and go straight out without feeling conscious about it. After 3 hours (or a restful sleep if you apply it before bed – it will come off on your sheets but does come out in the wash), just have a shower in the morning (No Soap) and lightly massage your skin as the water runs over you. Voila, instant olive tan, no TANGO orange effect for those that remember that and you look like you’ve just come back from holiday. If you are like me and like to be a little darker, then apply again and look like you’ve come back from the Med!
But does it have lasting power? Ok well it does say that its meant to be ‘A Weekly Tanning Lotion’ and in my personal opinion ( I exfoliate probably every other shower and moisturise daily to help prolong my tans) it doesn’t live up to the weekly claim. I would say after probably 3 to 4 days I am looking a little paler. Not so much patchy but a bit orange peel like – if that makes sense. Granted a quick exfoliate and a new application and its gone away but for those who are maybe using it for a special occasion you maybe have to put up with a nasty fade. I also find my face needs doing in between my body tanning sessions. This is namely as my face takes a battering with my cleansing/toning routines and I suppose the amount of exposure it gets to the outside weather. I have found this with ALL lotions though so am not making this a flaw of Xen-Tan.
To summerise I really do love Xen-Tan Dark Tanning Lotion. It is in my opinion one of the best on the market. I am yet to do a comparison of it against some of the newer products I’ve not tried but for the time being this is my all time favourite tan.
It can be bought in a few places; from Xen-Tan themselves its £28.99 but they often have offers on or you can buy from the likes of Debenhams (and get your beauty card point) and other online retailers. A little more pricey than some self tans on the market, but I do feel you are getting what you pay for with this product.

(After 1 application)
(Comparison of skin with(top)1 application on my arm and (bottom)no application on my chest)
Even application on feet, please note thats a natural tan line and the paler part is my natural colour (1 Application)

It smells great, easy application and lovely colour.
A little more pricey than some drugstore/chemist brands and can fade a bit nastily (but fine if you add another application).

4.5 out of 5 stars from me on this, I love Xen-Tan and will be buying this again!

Mel xxx