I’ve found a new lip savior and its called WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil. To many this may come across as ‘just another lip balm’ like product or its not very exciting. But to someone who has psoriasis flare ups on her lips and struggles with wearing lipsticks due to reactions. Then this could be a post for you or if you just suffer with dry lips, then keep reading.

Here is a little information about the WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil before I begin…

WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil is the perfect treatment that works beautifully with our other WUNDERKISS lip products. When used, this luxurious formula deeply nourishes lips with added Tsubaki Oil and essential antioxidants for added rejuvenation and protection. With continued use, Satin Lip Oil will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. No more dry or chapped lips, just gorgeous ones!


I’ve always had a history with issues of lip products. You’ll see from my blog pictures or even Instagram, I rarely wear lipstick. That’s because I have times when my psoriasis flares on my lips and any products react with it. Lipstick, lip balms and any lip products really will make my lip issues worse or even cause a flare up in themselves. So to find a product that actually soothes my lips, makes them soft and supple and is great if you use matte lipsticks a lot is pretty amazing. That’s where the WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil really changed things for me.

WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil is a lip treatment although I’ll often wear it alone as a lip balm like product. I’ve found applying this before bed time and sleeping while wear the lip oil leaves my lips feeling amazing in the morning. If I’m doing my makeup and am going to apply a liquid matte lipstick, I’ll often apply the lip oil to my lips to start, remove it before I apply the lipstick and find that then applies better too. The lip oil comes in a long tube and has a sponge applicator. Application is really easy plus the product is securely packaged.

The Lip Oil gives your lips a beautiful sheen, much like a lip gloss but without the sticky feeling. Your lips feel slick, but not sticky at all. I actually prefer this lip oil to balms and find it hydrates my lips better. Yes there is transference obviously if you eat, drink (Kiss)…. But its a clear product and won’t actually leave any colour transfer.

WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil applied on lips

Over all, this product for me is a holy grail now. I’ve used it so often (Daily and a couple applications per day) and still have plenty of product left. So although this lip oil is more expensive than a basic lip balm, I do feel it lasts well and for me is essential as a daily product. If you do have sensitive lips, dry lips, cracked lips etc. I would recommend trying this product. It doesn’t have a scent really at all, doesn’t tingle or sting on the lips like a plumping lip gloss but does leave my lips looking and feeling good. As for the fine line claims, I find if I exfoliate then use this product my fine lips do look minimised too. Long term I’m not sure if it would rid me of them completely but I wanted to include that too.

WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil is available directly from WUNDER2 and costs £14.95 for 4ml of product. If you look around though you may find it cheaper or on offer (I got mine from Feelunique while it was on offer for around £8).