I can’t remember the last time I did a wish list – it feels like an eternity! Still, I thought it was time to compile my must have ‘Summer’ items – if indeed we do ‘actually’ get a Summer, being July all ready I’m beginning to think its been and gone! Still, here is my list of things I want, need and love….

TopShop – Sleeveless Drape Front Blouse £30.00

I have a jumper thats the same cut and style as this top and I wear it a lot, this blouse is just too cute! Sexy with just a bra or a lacy cami, or wearable for daytime with a cute vest underneath. Its an easy piece for a wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down. Definitely a favourite of mine at present and one I feel I need to own!

Miss Selfridge – Berry Scallop Waist Short £32.00

Ok I admit I feel a little naughty adding this item as it is from the Autumn Preview collection at Miss Selfridge. But check out the waistband detail! I love the shaped finish and the drape of these shorts is lovely – very flattering. Another item that can easily be worn in the day or night, play it up or down I feel this is a definite for a lot of girls at present and a good price too!

River Island – Light Pink Peep Toe slingback Court Shoe £55.00

So, they call them pink, I call them mink…. Either way check out these babies! When wearing heels (For me) sling backs are the most comfortable. I love the platform design, the mink colour, the finish – there’s nothing l don’t like! They are a classic style shoe and having them in your collection will mean plenty of chance for wearing them and showing them off! I’m in shoe heaven and now must step away!

River Island – Khaki Cut Out Sleeve Jumper £30.00

I know its Summer and you don’t want to think about sweaters or jumpers – right? Well, lets be honest if you are staying in the UK at some point you will probably be digging one out! I love this jumper as its different. The cut is cute, I love the arm details and its a flattering look too. Teamed with shorts at a Festival, or jeans at the pub its casual and comfortable. Available in Khaki and Grey, I preferred the Khaki as the grey did remind me too much of winter for some reason. I am definitely adding this to my buying list!

Oasis – Fantasy Butterfly Scarf £20.00

I love wearing scarves! Whether with a vest, tee or under a jumper I think they are a perfect addition to your accessories. I have quite a few in my collection now but am always looking for new designs and patterns. This one is super gorgeous from Oasis, called the Fantasy Butterfly the print is beautiful. I will definitely be nipping into my Debenhams and seeing if they have it in their Oasis concession!

Selfridges – MICHAEL Michael Kors Slim Flap Wallet £115.00

I believe every woman should be allowed to have a ‘decent’ designer purse. I’ve had many in my life time and yes, they may cost more but you are paying for an item that will last you many years. This beautiful Aqua Slim Flap Wallet is just WOW! I love the colour, I love the simple design – it doesn’t scream ‘designer’ or ‘look at my logo’. Its understated and perfect, but with a rather large price tag I’m afraid.

GHD Air £99.00

I don’t ‘need’ a GHD Air Hair Dryer, but I bloody well want one! From the moment I heard about Air I’ve wanted to try one. They look amazing, sound amazing… Chances are they are amazing. So, yes they may cost £99 but who cares?

Boots – Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette 75ml £58.00

Being a huge fan of the original Gucci Flora, I feel I must own the new one. Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche keeps to the traditional bottle shape with the cute lid and bow, but the fragrance colour has changed.

Notes – The composition begins with mandarin, bergamot, kumquat, lemon and peony. The heart is made of rose petals and osmanthus with green and aquatic additions, laid on the base of sandalwood, patchouli and pink pepper. *source*

I definitely will have to buy this and add it to my collection – after all, It’s Gucci Darling!

I’m going to end my wish list here, I’ll do a beauty wish list soon as that usually ends up being a bit on the large side!

Have you any Summer Wish List items you want? What’s on your list?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx