Every month I love doing my wish list posts, whether its a seasonal change one or the monthly one it usually means a night of surfing around and compiling all the things I feel ‘worthy’ of making my wish list. Some things I will buy and some I will just keep on ‘wanting’ a little longer, usually due to high expectations on a bank balance which isn’t forth giving!

As this is my birthday wish list (7th January for anyone who’s got lots of money and would like to buy me a gift – I’m joking!!) I thought I would go to town and add many of the things I want or would like too try.

So, here is my Birthday/January Wishlist…

A New Halo from Halo Hair Extensions – I know what you are thinking, how many sets of extensions does this woman need! But since dyeing my hair back too blonde from brown I only have a 20″ Halo on a wire and miss wearing a 16″. I loved my 16″ in brown but unfortunately its not going to go blonde in a hurry or easily and it means buying a new one. So as I can’t really show a photo I would like a 16″ Halo on a wire in Dark Blonde, currently sold at £79.99 from Halo Hair Extensions. For any of you ladies wondering how good they are – they are brilliant and save so much time when doing your hair in the morning!!

A photo of my wearing my 20″ Halo in Dark Blonde – Gorgeous! (The hair, not me LOL)

Gel Eye Liner – I actually have 2 I use and lately have gotten into winged eyeliner in a big way. Usually only a subtle wing but I really like it. I’d like something high end as the 2 I use are ok (Good on application) but not waterproof and have a tendency too shift throughout the day. I’ve heard good things about the Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner at £16.50 and think this would be an ideal purchase for me!

New foundation – There’s a few I’d like too try and I already have 5 I rotate on a daily basis for different finishes but most are more aimed at my skin when tanned. I really need one in my Winter skin colour.

I saw a blog post by the lovely Bettina at BeautySwot.com on a FOTD she had done and couldn’t believe how amazing her skin looked. The foundations she used was Airbase Foundation (If you would like to read Bettina’s review click here) and to say I am intrigued is an understatement! The foundation retails at £32.95 which is pricey I know but for a highend foundation that really does look amazing I don’t think you can go wrong.

I’ve also heard good things about Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place at £26.50 and have £10 worth of beauty points to use in Debenhams so may get myself some of that if I don’t get the Airbase one.

A New Handbag and Purse – I have a lot of handbags but my theory is you can never have enough! If you need to question, ‘Should I buy that bag?’ the answer will always be YES! I always head to either ASOS or MyBag depending on my spending limits when I want a new bag. I’ve had good experiences with both when ordering and find their delivery times really good too. While having a browse the other day I found this really cute Ted Baker Berch Briefcase Lock Shoulder Bag at MyBag.  It’s £104.99 so maybe slightly out of my price range but gorgeous all the same. I especially love the floral detail on it.

Every year I always buy a new purse and its always a Ted Baker. I’ve had quite a few now but find they last better than anything else I’ve ever owned (Including Gucci and Radley!). I saw this Exotic Leather purse called Minkie. Minkie means a lot to me as its the nickname of my old cat Charlie. I love this cute purse and the grey with the lilac lining is striking. Currently £55 in the sale I feel I need to be buying this very soon if I am to get it!

Lipstick – Likes handbags a girl can never have enough lipsticks either! My favourite MAC finish for lipsticks has too be matt. I just prefer a matt finish and if I want to add some shine too it then I can. At present I really would like Velvet Teddy (A gorgeous nude colour) and Honeylove (Another Nude – no real surprise this is me LOL). Both beautiful shades and £13.50 each.

MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC Honeylove

I think that about wraps it up for me. There are other things I want but I just don’t feel they are ‘blog worthy’ (a new RapidLash lash serum as mine has ran out, some black cable arm warmers as I’m too lazy to knit some, a black snood – cashmere would be nice and lastly a new coat ).

Chances of me getting much of this, slim to none but I still love compiling these lists and looking at all the things out there too buy! Happy New Year to all my readers and friends and all the best 2012! Here’s hoping its a great one!!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx