Who, What, Where, When… or maybe just Why?

A random first post to my new blog but that’s me… random! If you looked it up in the dictionary there’d be a nice pic of me smiling or pulling a dodgy face. Maybe I’d be trying to look cool and be on a complete fail – still I’m very random.

So let’s start with who…
Well who would be Me. I’m a 30 something <koffs actual figure and shudders> girl. I’d say lady but that makes me feel awfully old! I don’t think I look old, still get asked for I.D even now which I can tell you is pretty embarrassing! What’s worse I was never asked for I.D till after I turned 21, so go figure?! 
I’m a mum and I love my children with everything inside of me. They really are the world to me, but I like to keep them separate from here and from Twitter. There’s too many scary people out there in the world and I don’t want them subjected to that.
I’ve had a few professions and hobbies; qualified level 2 hairdresser, graphic designer for design magazines and a publishers, I have done a book keeping course, my level 2 in creative writing, I’m an avid hobby photographer (who’s not bad at air brushing the odd pic here or there) and I also like to make jewellery. Ooo almost forgot, I also review books! And <jesus get on with it girl!> I’m also going a BTEC in Make-up. And obviously I’m called Mel (or Melanie but never have liked that!!).

That could be WTF I guess, I ramble; I babble and I guess that’s why I’m here.

Well I’m in the UK, I’ll say near London and don’t think I really need to give anymore details out than that at present. I have lived here, or there abouts all my life.

Erm now? Tomorrow? Don’t really know how to answer the ‘when’ so lets skip to the next and last one.

Ok so why a blog now? Well, I’ve been following quite a few blogs lately. I read a lot of book review blog sites (mine is seriously in need of an update) and have also taken to reading some makeup ones too. Mostly people who have their own YouTube’s too, but there’s  few who don’t and I like to read them too. 
I like to learn, don’t think I’ll ever stop learning. I like to try things people recommend and also recommend things (or not in some cases) honestly to people. We are all different after all and for that I’m thankful. What works for me,  might not work for you; but if I can help just one person. Well, that’s a cool thing in its self and makes me smile. 
It was actually a girl <waves to Elle> who got me thinking about doing my own blog. She called me <racks old forgetful brain> ‘A Blog Fairy Godmother’. That made me smile, bless her.
So, I stood ironing today (for the 3rd time this week!) and thought ok I’ll do my own blog. I can review things I’ve bought or show things I want and maybe people will get something out of it; even if it is only a giggle 🙂

So I guess that’s my introduction. This blog will be made up of a lot of ramblings but it might have some useful tips and stuff on here others will find good too.

Loads of love, 

Mel xxxx