Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

If you pop Hair Growth into a search engine one of the top hits you find is Watermans Grow Me. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for a proper review of this product. One where it wasn’t sent to the person for free or actually a post where its a review as so many bloggers have done spotlights introducing the product but never do a follow up stating what its like. That was until I came along!

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

If you want to know my hair history of what’s been happening this past year read the paragraph in my previous hair growth shampoo I tried Plantur 21 (See post here). I don’t mind trying a hyped product at all, but when the pics I can find on it look a little too good to be true and there aren’t any reviews on webpages other than Amazon, well it does get me thinking. Are these people being given the product as an incentive? Where are the follow up posts? I need more before and after pictures not people just holding the bottle and smiling?! So, in this post you are going to get a FULL review. I will say now and probably a few times in this review, I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT WITH MY OWN MONEY FROM AMAZON. I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID OR ENDORSED TO PROMOTE THE PRODUCT. THESE ARE MY OWN THOUGHTS AND FINDINGS. So with all that said and done, let’s move onto the review shall we?

Here is some information about Watermans Grow Me…

The formula consists of two years research into the treatment of Hair Loss bringing Ancient and modern day natural finest ingredients together.

Our UK engineered Shampoo is not only designed to make your hair grow it’s made to help with underlying undiagnosed scalp problems and hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss.

Watermans Grow Me formula is named ‘Grow More®’ that activates when left on the scalp for 2-3 minutes it transports the formula into the hair roots and deep layers of your scalp.

  • Revitalize hair growth
  • Stimulates Hair re-growth
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Improves scalp circulation
  • Increases hair density
  • Repairs scalp damage
  • Regulates the hormonal balance (great for hair loss due to pregnancy
  • Stimulates cell metabolism
  • Supplies oxygen to follicles and nutrients required for hair development
  • Improves vascularization of the hair follicle


So as you can see there’s some pretty big claims there. Now let me tell you if Watermans Grow Me has lived up to them. Here are my findings.

I washed my hair solely with the Grow Me shampoo every other day. I just can’t wash my hair daily as it gets too dry normally. The shampoo produces a good lather with a small amount of product. I found I didn’t need to wash and repeat with this either. As recommended in the directions I left this shampoo on for a minimum of 2 minutes a time. I’d say it was closer to 3 minutes as I’d go about my washing routine and often brush my teeth too (Does anyone else brush their teeth in the shower?). I did not use the conditioner in the range. In fact I found using conditioner (Of any kind) after for me was a bad thing and had to opt for a leave in jobbie – I’ll explain why in a moment.

I’ve been using the Grow Me shampoo for 5 weeks now every other day and like in my previous hair growth shampoo review I took before and after pictures. Please note I have done my root drag a shade darker and so it does look a bit scary with my ends looking so light in comparison (This is remedied after a few washes). I also didn’t blow dry my hair so you are seeing it in its natural air dried state in the after pictures hence it looking fluffy (Its 32 degrees here, just too hot for heat tools!). I should also add I NEVER wear my hair like this, but its the best way to show hair growth!!

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

I don’t feel I got any extra growth with the Grow Me shampoo that I would with normally without using a hair growth product. Considering its Summer and most of this month I’ve had my hair up or left to dry naturally you’d think with the lack of heat tools I’d have seen extra length, but I didn’t. In fact when it came to do my roots when the ‘after’ image was taken I only had about just over a 1 cm of growth which was pretty poor in comparison to the previous month.

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

Although my hair does look VERY fluffy in the image its definitely not more damaged. In fact when I do blow dry it, it looks healthy and shiny. I will say that the shampoo definitely gave my hair gloss, shine and volume without weighing it down which was a huge plus. I think you can see my hair does look thicker in the images considering the before pics are with my hair blow dried and after pics are not.

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

What I didn’t like about the Grow Me shampoo was how oily my hair felt though. Although it wasn’t weighed down or lank with volume if I did dry it and not let it air dry, it felt like I’d used an oil treatment or had a coconut oil treatment on and not washed it out properly. I don’t mean that silicon feel you get, but it literally felt oily and full/heavy. If I added conditioner this made my hair feel worse and by day 2 hair it was a greasy mess.  So, I just used the Grow Me Shampoo and popped some Macadamia leave in conditioner on my ends which seemed to solve most issues.

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo

Where my thinning areas are bad I didn’t notice additional growth either which was disappointing although did notice that the amount of hair I lost while brushing all be it shedding and breakage was lessened. In fact I noticed this from a week after using the product onwards. So that in my books is a plus point.

So over all, Grow Me didn’t work for me unfortunately. I’m glad I bought it on offer for only £5 and not its normal price of £10 on Amazon (It was a 24 hour deal). It certainly didn’t make my hair loss worse and if I was to recommend this to anyone it would be those whose hair is super dry or coarse experiencing hair loss or thinning as those are the ones that may benefit, but alas it just didn’t work for me in the growth department – I just got volume without the extra hair.

You can purchase Watersmans Grow Me Shampoo from Amazon, its available on Prime and costs £10.00 for 250ml of product.

For more information on Watermans, why not check out their website – https://watermanshair.com/

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx