W7 Life’s A Peach Eye Shadow Palette

Autumn will soon be on its way and the W7 Life’s A Peach palette will see you through the change of season. Filled with beautiful warm shades this palette is perfect for day or even. Here are my thoughts.

In the past month I have purchased four W7 eye shadow palettes. So far I love three of them. One is a little hit and miss for me but works if I mix it with another palette. W7 used to be the go to cheap, copy brand before the likes of Makeup Revolution (Often imitating Benefit). W7’s makeup could be very hit and miss. Often powdery, you did get what you paid for. After reading a review of their On The Rocks palette recently I placed an order and couldn’t have been happier! That palette is beautiful and used to death by me. I’ll pop an eye of the day post on sometime and show you. After having a  good run with these palettes I picked up Life’s a Peach.

Life’s a Peach contains 12 matte eye shadows. 3 Shadows show some sparkle, but on swatch they still look matte. I know matte shades aren’t everyone’s fancy. I tend to wear these more in the day time as I find on myself they are more wearable. Shades range in warm neutrals from cream to orange, red and brown. So a great selection of shades for Autumn and a decent transition shade too with Delicious. My issue with their palettes so far has been there isn’t a black (Which is great for smokey eyes). Darkest shades include Sweet Stalk and Pit Stop would be fine for a smokey eye. But again I wonder why they didn’t include a black.

W7 Life’s a Peach Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

Life’s a Peach shadows (Along with the other palettes from W7) blend easily. Layering the eyeshadows is a breeze and most are fairly pigmented. Fall out is minimal with these palettes too. Talc is the main ingredient which sums up why they are so powdery. However this isn’t uncommon for a cheaper palette.

‘You get what you pay for’ is a common term in beauty blog posts. With the W7 palettes and especially Life’s a Peach you get a lot more for your money. Life’s a Peach is gorgeous, blends nicely and even without a primer I find stays put. There’s a double sided brush included which I’m glad to say isn’t one of those double sides sponge applicator things! Its not bad, although I don’t use it and always use my Real Technique and Sigma ones.

To conclude I can see Life’s a Peach and On The Rocks being my goto palettes this Autumn. For under £5 delivered (I have Amazon prime) you cannot fault this budget palette and highly recommend it!

The Life’s a Peach palette from W7 is available from various retailers. I bought mine from Amazon for £4.95.