W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara
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Ease of use
Measures up to its claims
Value for money

Todays review is on the W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara. While having a browse through the internet I saw many say this was a dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara. Who doesn’t love a good dupe right?

The thing with dupes though is some are great and some you wonder how people came to that conclusion that were even a dupe! I’ve got to be honest, this mascara on first looks does come off as a good dupe for They’re Real! But it was only on packaging I’m afraid. The formula is nothing like it.

A black mascara with a soft, spiked brush.

Absolute Lashes boosts volume, length and add extra curl to give you brilliant, bold lashes.

Each spike separates and therefore emphasises each lash to give a dramatic curl. With a formula to last all evening, this mascara will have people ABSOLUTELY craving your look.*source*

So yes, the packaging does look similar. And yes again so does the brush. But I feel that’s where all the similarities end. But this review isn’t just on Absolute Lashes and whether its a dupe. No this review is also a review of the mascara too. And in honesty, I never liked They’re Real! mascara. It was over hyped in my opinion, their lash primer is amazing though!

So the formula is quite thick with Absolute Lashes. I would say its more on the drier side which I didn’t love. It almost felt like the mascara had dried out. It is buildable on the lashes and I successfully got 2 coats on there.

The formula is black, I wouldn’t say its the blackest mascara I’ve used. But if you are ultra fair this would look more natural I feel. On me it just seemed to emphasise my lashes. My lashes did look longer, fuller and also curled too (Without lash curlers).

For me in any mascara the proof is in how it lasts and I felt Absolute Lashes was a bit crap with lasting power. After 4 hours I did have some crumbling and panda eyes. Also the longer this sat on my lashes the more irritated my eyes became. So maybe for sensitive eye people or though with contact lenses I would avoid. On a separate occasion I used just 1 coat and didn’t see any of the above issues. So again, something to bare in mind.

So its not an amazing mascara. I won’t be shouting from the roof tops about it. But I don’t think its a bad mascara either and especially with it being so cheap! On the W7 website it costs £6.95 but I purchased mine from Amazon for less than £3! Also as long as I’m wearing it just to emphasise my lashes and not put loads of coats on. Its actually fairly good. Is it a dupe for They’re Real!? No, I don’t think so. But is it a very affordable mascara that emphasises your lashes and lengthens them? Yes it is.

Have you tried any of the W7 range? What’s your thoughts?

For more information on W7 and their products, why not check out their website?