Vichy Idealia Eyes

I have been using the Vichy Idealia Eyes now for just over 3 weeks, today I would like to share with you my thoughts on the product and talk about the results I have achieved using it.

Vichy Idealia Eyes

Here is some information about the Vichy Idealia Eyes…

Idealia Eyes brightens the appearance of dark circles and reduces the look of fine lines to re-awaken your natural radiance.

For those who like to live life to the full and don’t want it to show around the eyes. For all women who want to target tired-looking eyes, fine lines and dark circles.

Idealia Eyes illuminates and softens the appearance of tired eyes:

• Brightens the appearance of dark circles & illuminates shadows

• Smoothes & reduces the look of fine lines The new silicone applicator has been developed to help create a soft touch but with the precision of a brush. Enriched with instant illuminators and a combination of DRM-Bright complex, caffeine + vitaminB3 Idealia Eyes is clinically tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


Vichy Idealia Eyes

I think many of us out there want a product that actually works, so many have claims that often don’t meet out expectations. Having tried a lot of Vichy products over time (My Mum originally got me onto their products), I do trust them as a brand. When I was asked if I would like to try the Vichy Idealia Eyes, I immediately said yes but also said I would not post my review till I had been using it a while.

I used Idealia Eyes morning and night, often after my serum and before my moisturiser (Although I can’t say if that is the best time to apply it in your skin care regime, it is just when I applied it). I have tried applying the product both ways too, by using my finger only and also in the method of using the applicator tip (I found both methods to be good).

Vichy Idealia Eyes

In my opinion Idealia Eyes gave me an instant result with some things, others took a little more time. Which is what you would expect with an eye cream. Here are my key findings…

  • Brightening/Radiance – The brightening radiance effect was instant. In fact I first tried this product at night before bed and was instantly surprised on how much more my under eyes looked brighter. My dark circles were visibly reduced and even mark was surprised when he saw the difference.
  • Hydration – I have always suffered with dry under eyes and my eye did instantly feel hydrated. But not just for that instant either, in fact I felt the hydration remained. It meant my foundation/concealer went on better and also lasted longer too on my skin.
  • Dark circles – Although this product did not state it would diminish dark circles, I have found mine have reduced. I’m not sure if this is because this is one of the aims of the product, or just that the condition of my under eye has improved and this has meant my circles aren’t as visible.
  • Fine lines – I’m VERY lucky to have very minimal fine lines under my eye. Most of them are in the inner corner where my eczema is and in honesty nothing gets rid of them as its my eczema that makes the skin stand out more making the lines look more prominent. However, I have found that with improving the condition of my under eye area it has meant that the area looks better which also meant any lines I had there have lessened.
Vichy Idealia Eyes swatched on hand
Vichy Idealia Eyes swatched on hand

Over all, as you can see I have had some VERY positive results during using Vichy’s Idealia Eyes. I’m sorry that I cannot put before and after pictures on. This is why I held off of writing this review but had to change mobile phones and lost all my pictures off of the other phone. I hope you will take my word on this being a good product. I would definitely purchase Idealia Eyes in the future once this has ran out as the results speak for themselves I feel. This product in my opinion would be good for the 25+ age, some of us get lines earlier than others, so I would say as soon as you see those lines coming, then invest in Idealia Eyes.

The Vichy Idealia Eyes costs £23.00 for 15ml of product. The Vichy range is available at Boots stores and online. Boots currently have their offer of 3 for 2 on skincare, so its a great time to pick one up and try it.

For more information on Vichy and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebookor Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx