I recently mentioned using the Vichy Aqualia Thermal skincare range in my video on Skincare For Eczema, Psoriasia and Sensitive Skin video (See it here), today I wanted to share with you my review on these products having used them a while and my findings…

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Range

Here is some information about the Vichy Aqualia Thermal range…



Our dermatologically tested range of hydration moisturisers and serums. Soothing care rich in Vichy Thermal Spa Water. Hydrates, soothes and cares for up to 48 hours, leaving you with beautiful, healthy-looking skin.


Dry skin is something I have had most of my life. While friends when I was a teenager complained of their greasy complexions I was the one who wanted nothing by hydration to sort out my dry skin. Often you will find products that are designed for dry skin but aren’t suitable for sensitive skin and if you are like me, someone who also has eczema and psoriasis you need something that can be used that won’t effect those conditions. Having used 3 products from the Aqualia Thermal range a month I feel I have tested them long enough to give you a good, honest review on what they have done to my skin and whether I would continue to use them.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal

The 3 products I have been using in the range from Vichy are Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream, Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On and Aqualia Thermal Lips.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich

I have used the Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream twice daily. This cream is extremely thick, it reminds me of a night cream in consistency and like the name suggests, is a rich cream. You only need a small amount to achieve good hydration to the skin. So, the pot will last a good amount of time (I’m about a quarter in after a month).

What I really liked about the Rich cream compared to other moisturisers was it was a great base for my makeup still. Some of my heavier foundations which I couldn’t wear because they would look cakey or were more needed a heavily moisturised base (They were more suited to Normal skin that dry skin), loved the Rich cream and worked amazingly over it. My skin wasn’t too moisturised for my foundation and in fact I found my bases lasted longer (Without the dry patches I would get half way through the day around my nose, mouth and eye areas).

Vichy Aqualia Thermal

As the range is designed for Sensitive skin I also applied this over my areas of psoriasis and eczema. I didn’t notice any discomfort and in fact those areas which can often be itchy or sore felt better.

Overall, the Rich cream has become a huge favourite and something I will continue to use. I feel in the Summer when my skin condition doesn’t need as heavy of a product I would probably change to something lighter, but this is something I would go back to again without a doubt when my skin needed a heavier product to tackle dry skin.

The Rich cream from the Aqualia Thermal range costs £16.00 and comes in a 50ml size pot.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On

The Eye Roll-On is another product I have been using twice daily. I usually apply this before the Rich cream as I don’t apply that on my eye areas. The rollerball top makes application super easy. In fact, you can get a really precise application with it and probably could get away without rubbing it in, but I like to roll it on and then gently tap the skin.

Unlike make eye products this feels rather strange. Its very cooling and not just because of the metal rollerball top. The eyes feel instantly more awake I find when I apply it. It also doesn’t feel greasy like some eye creams and almost has a ‘tacky’ gel like feel. However, once its dried your eyes do feel hydrated.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal

I have psoriasis right under my eyes which you may notice in some of my images and videos. It is one of my most troubled areas and one that causes me the most discomfort. I have been using this directly on my psoriasis and am happy to report I have not had any problems. In fact, its felt more hydrated there and more comfortable. This has amazed me as I often find a product that hydrated the area to only then cause discomfort, but with the roll-on its been a win win situation for me.

I was pessimistic I admit when it came to this roll-on but can honestly say I love using the product and am pleased I gave it a go. I will continue to use it and feel this is a product I could use all year round as it seems to adapt to how much hydration I need there.

The Eye Roll-On from the Aqualia Thermal range costs £15.00 for 15ml of product.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lips

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lips

Now you may be surprised to hear that the Aqualia Thermal Lips is my favourite product of the 3, but it really is! Now, I know what you are thinking, but its only a lip balm right? Wrong! For those who follow my Twitter you may have heard that this is the first year I got psoriasis on my lips! It was only on my top lip and 1 side and was extremely uncomfortable. I tried numerous lip creams and my prescribed creams but nothing seemed to get rid of it. It was just sore,  cracked and looked awful. I couldn’t wear any lipstick and all my other lip balms made it worse. That was until I started using the Lips balm from Vichy.

This little lip balm is amazing! Firstly I noticed from the first time I used it that my lips felt better. It didn’t cause any reaction what so ever and was really gentle. Its hydrating too and my lips looked so much better generally. I have always been a huge fan of lipbalms and like to think I know my stuff when it comes to them, that’s why I was so blown away by this balm. It didn’t just help the psoriasis, it actually made it better and I now only have a very SMALL dry patch on the upper part of my lip line! So, for those who want something thats not perfumed or flavoured, I really recommend the Auqualia Thermal Lips!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Without any hesitation I will continue to use this product. I now apply it once I have moisturised my face day and night and top up during the day if and when I feel my lips need it. I have even been able to wear lipstick again (Although it does make the psoriasis flare a little again, just using this product means it seems go down!). This is a must have for me and I thank Vichy for creating it and making my lips better!

The Aqualia Thermal Lips costs £3.25 for 4.7ml of product.

So that concludes my review of some of the products from the Aqualia Thermal range from Vichy. I am so glad I tried them and have been really impressed with my skin since using them.

The complete Aqualia Thermal range is available from Boots and selected pharmacies nationwide.

For more information on Vichy and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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