Somewhat late to the party on this one, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette and why its my go to palette at present.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t often buy high end palettes or limited editions, namely as I don’t wear a huge amount of eye shadow on a day to day basis. When I do I tend to use a mixture of 2 palettes (One of those is my bronzer), but have always wanted 1 palette that met all my needs. When I saw the shades of the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette I knew that it had everything I needed for a day to day look. Granted for an evening it would work if I went a little darker, but my main love was the fact it was mostly matte with a little shimmer!

Here is some information about the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette…

Recreate Mrs. Mia Wallace’s dark, edgy look with this limited-edition palette from Urban Decay’s PULP FICTION™ collection.

The people at Urban Decay are diehard PULP FICTION™ fans. With this year marking the twentieth anniversary of the release of the film, they decided to commemorate the occasion the UD way—with an ultra limited-edition PULP FICTION™ collaboration. Their inspiration? None other than the cool (and completely badass) Mrs. Mia Wallace.

This collection has everything you need to recreate Mia’s dark, edgy look from the film, including this limited-edition palette. It contains five shades of Eyeshadow (three are brand new!).

Each shade features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability.

The shiny black case features the fateful Ezekiel passage voiced by Jules Winnfield in the film. Inside, there’s a generous mirror and a blood-red double-ended brush (a compact shadow brush and a multitasker brush). It also comes with a “Get the Look” card—with step-by-step instructions for creating a modern version of Mia’s look from the film.


Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette

Now firstly, I went to see Pulp fiction when it was released in the cinema, yes that makes me feel really old saying that! It was an epic film and can only ever be described as a classic in my opinion. When I told Mark I was getting this palette (For once here didn’t moan about me buying more makeup!), even he had a look for the quotes on the box and said it was pretty cool.The other parts of the Pulp Fiction collection from Urban Decay I didn’t really have any interest in, but this palette was too ideal for me to not buy and when Debenhams had their sale recently (Plus I got free delivery) I bought this palette and it only cost me £15.75.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette comes with 5 shadows which are described as;

Righteous (light cream matte), Tyranny (warm brown matte), Vengeance (deep taupe-brown matte-satin), Furious (white satin) and Anger (black satin w/slight tonal sparkle).

Day to day I don’t actually use all the shades in the palette but do use most, I tend to use Righteous on my lid. In my crease as a transition I use Tyranny and then blend in my outer ‘v’ Vengeance. If I’m not wearing liner I will push Anger into my lash line and only occasionally use Furious as a highlight on my inner corner. All in all, it takes me around 2-3 minutes!

The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette comes with 5 different colour shadows, a mirror and a double sided brush

The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette comes with 5 different colour shadows, a mirror and a double sided brush

I did find with the shadows in this Urban Decay palette they were a little more powdery that my other Urban Decay palettes. Not sure why that was, but there was definitely more residue and some fall out on application. So bang that brush off and remember to conceal under your eyes after. I did find they blended like a dream and lasted well even without a primer, but with a primer I could get all day wear (I only use a cheap Elf Eyelid primer at present as I ran out of my Urban Decay Primer potion).

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette Shadows (L-R) - Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance, Furious and Anger

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette Shadows (L-R) – Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance, Furious and Anger

I’m really pleased with the Pulp Fiction palette. Namely as I didn’t buy it for it being a anniversary palette or really because it had anything to do with Pulp Fiction. The colours are perfect for every day use for me, the palette has everything I need in 1 place and I even like the double sided brush that came with the palette too. Plus they last well on the eyes and I got this at a discounted price, so can’t complain at all. I could have got one of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes, but in honesty found I needed both palettes to get the colours I personally like, so this was a better investment as its cheaper than both of those individually.

To see how this palette looks on the eyes and the day to day look I wear, check out my October Haul Video (Click here).

You can purchase the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette directly from Urban Decay and other department stores. The palette costs £17.50.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx