Unreal Tan Eraser

Having mentioned the Unreal Tan Eraser in my recent April Favourites (Link here), as promised here is my review including before and after pictures. I hope this is useful to someone as honestly, the product is now going to be a staple in my bathroom when it comes to fake tanning!

The reason I went looking for a tan eraser is due to my normal exfoliating routine wasn’t cutting it. I had these 2 stubborn patches (1 on each arm), around my inner elbow/arm joint that were just not fading. I tried all sorts from homemade exfoliants to even some things you probably shouldn’t be putting on your skin. I was getting desperate and my skin was getting more and more scaly and dry!  My tan had faded everywhere, I was back to my ultra pale whitness bar these 2 large areas of tan that wouldn’t shift and looked stupid when every they were on show. So I saw the Unreal Tan Eraser video (See below) and thought its got to be worth a shot, right?

Unreal Tan Eraser

Here is some information on the Unreal Tan Eraser…

Finally there’s a product specifically formulated to help shift that unsightly fake tan build-up without scrubbing.  Specially formulated by us to effectively remove self tan build up suffered by frequent tanners, body builders, dancers and performers.  Can also be used to lighten a recently applied tan.  Contains nourishing and gentle exfoliation ingredients including a fusion of oils,  shea butter and coconut oil, kiwi seed and our signature green tea and red riboose tea extract.  It’s important not to scrub your skin harshly when trying to remove fake tan, which can cause irritation and inflammation.


So, you watched the video right? It looks almost too good to be true in honesty, but for £15 I was willing to try anything. The product is probably one of the weirdest solutions I’ve ever seen. It has ‘seed’ like things in a clear tinted jelly. It smells of wheat and has a consistency of slime. I know I’m probably not selling this to you, but please read on.

Unreal Tan Eraser

I followed the instructions to the letter. I dampened my skin with a flannel. Applied the Unreal Tan Eraser moderately (Although a little does spread very well I will point out) and massaged it into my skin. I didn’t scrub at it like I would my normal exfoliants, I literally massaged it. It looks kind of yellowish and slimey on the skin as you can see from the image.

Unreal Tan Eraser - The product massaged in and left to work its magic.
Unreal Tan Eraser – The product massaged in and left to work its magic.

The product states to leave it for 10 minutes minimum, I left mine on about 20 for reference namely as I decided to do my trim/pluck my brows and tint my lashes while I waited (Nothing like multi tasking while you wait really). After development, I used my St Tropex Buffing Mitt to exfoliate and rinse the product off. And guess what, it had only gone and worked!

Unreal Tan Eraser Before (Left) and After (Right)
Unreal Tan Eraser Before (Left) and After (Right)

I was seriously blown away, I honestly didn’t think it would work and it did. It does leave the skin really oil free. I mean you literally have squeaky clean skin! However, it does mean your skin is probably perfectly primed to be tanned although I didn’t apply mine the same day. Also if it hasn’t removed everything, you could easily do the process again and I don’t think it would cause any harm.

So, do I recommend Unreal Tan Eraser for removing fake tan? You are damn right I do! Not often does a product completely blow me away but this one did. I think its great to have in your tanning arsenal for those times you have a tanning mishap or just want to fade your tan without the unnecessary scrubbing with some exfoliants which can leave your skin really dry (Which was what was happening to me before using this product!). Granted it doesn’t look very nice in the pot or on the skin, it smells slightly weird (Almost like fake tan but not quite, although this scent does not linger on the skin after use), but as you can see from the image above, it does work.

In case anyone is wondering if I was paid to write this or got the product free, I paid for it myself and feel it was worth every penny of its £15!

The Unreal Tan Eraser is available directly from Unreal and costs £15.00 for 118ml.

For more information on Unreal and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx