Its amazing how many people will consider false lashes for an evening, but not the day. Maybe its because they think of them as ‘glamour’ items or ‘too much’ for a day time look? Either way I love to wear false eye lashes and think that whether its day or night you can work the look to suit the time!

Today I decided to do a tutorial showing some amazing lashes I was sent from Hair Extensions Fashion. I will be writing the review up and posting it tomorrow but wanted to share my daytime subtle smokey eye wearing false lashes. I’ve done this tutorial a little different, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Base – Queen Cosmetics Sensiderma Foundation Cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (53 Light Beige), Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer (Medium 02), Liz Earle Concealer (02 Fair)

BASE – For my base I started off by applying Queen Cosmetics Sensiderma Foundation Cream. I’ve broken out slightly lately with really bad dry patches of skin, this cream is so gentle and great for sensitive, dry skin (For the review click here). I let this settle a few minutes and then applied Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 53 light beige using a foundation brush (Review Here). I wanted to leave my skin with a dewy finish. To conceal my spots I used Liz Earle Concealer in shade 02 Fair. I am still yet to review this product but it really is lovely! Good coverage, easy to build up and blends in effortlessly. Under my eyes I always use Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer in Medium 02 (For Liz Earle Collection Review click here).

I didn’t use powder to set my base as my skin felt dewy and with the Queen Cosmetics Foundation Cream this works like a primer so holds your base all day!

EYES – Clinique Superfine liner in Blonde, MUA Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Primer, Sleek Au Natural Palette (Review Here including swatches), MAC Black Tracks Gel Liner, ‘Flutter’ False EyeLashes by Hair Extensions Fashion, Max Factors False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in Black

EYES – I always do my brows first, this is a habit of mine but you do not have to do them first! I used my Clinique Superfine liner in Blonde.

I applied MUA Make Up Academy Professional Eyeshadow Primer, I really love this product as its cheap but makes your shadow last throughout the day, I would say its as good at lasting power as Urban Decay’s Primer but the finish isn’t as nice without eyeshadow (If you use primer just for liner I would use the Urban Decay one).

Working with my Sleek Makeup Au Natural Palette, I took shade 2 (Nubuck) all over my lid and blended it into my crease. I worked shade 1 (Nougat) into the middle of my lid to dray attention to it and make my eyes look bigger. Taking shade 11 (Regal) I worked this into my outer ‘V’, through my crease and lower lash line. I ‘smoked’ this out blending with a fluffy blending brush to remove the harsh lines. To add a little more depth I mixed shade 11 (Regal) and shade 10 (Mineral Earth) together concentrating this on my outer corner. As I’d used all matt shades bar shade 10 this give the eye a little more definition and made it look less ‘flat’ but more 3-dimentional.

Sleek Au Natural Palette (Review and swatches here)

Taking my MAC Black Tracks gel liner I drew a line very close to my lashes from the outer corner to where my lashes begin. Working quickly, I took a short stubby shader brush and smudged the gel liner, working it in a stroking upwards motion. This was to soften the black line and also give it more of a subtle ‘smokey’ look.

This is with just the eyeshadow and liner on. As you can see my lashes appear ‘fuller’ at the base, this is because of the liner and is less harsh than a solid strong line

Using my DUO lash glue (Its one of the few that doesn’t make my eyes water!), I applied this to the Flutter False lashes by Hair Extensions Fashion and waited 30 seconds for it to go tacky. I then (With the help of my trusty tweezers) applied the Flutter Lashes and waited for the glue to dry – this glue may look white, but after a minute or two dries clear.

I then applied 1 coat of Max Factors False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in Black to my own lashes to blend them together. I find this mascara works the best for me with false lashes and being a true black really does blend them well.

As you can see the Flutter Lashes give my eyes more definition, my lashes look longer and fuller but its not ‘too much’ for a day time look. Instead the attention is drawn to my eyes all day (And not to the spots on my chin!)


CHEEKS/HIGHLIGHT/CONTOUR – Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Sleek Blusher in Suede, L’oreal Magique Lumi Light Infusing Primer

CHEEKS/HIGHLIGHT/CONTOUR – When I do my cheeks I always use my L’oreal Magique Lumi Light Infusing Primer (Review Here) first, I work this across from the top of my cheekbone to the top of my nose in a line, then done to the bottom of my nose and back to the original line on my cheek bone – creating a ‘triangle’. This gives a great ‘sheen’ fresh look I find and is a perfect base for the blusher and contour (It also gives a great dewy finish). I then used my Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light; taking the contour first and work it just below my cheek bone to about a third into my cheek. I always blend this upwards onto the cheek bone and then with a large fluffy brush blend away any harsh lines. I apply the highlight of the contour kit onto the top of my cheekbone in a light patting motion. At present my favourite blush is the Sleek Nude Collection Blush in Suede (Review and Swatch here, it was released with the Au Natural Palette). I apply this very lightly across the apple of my cheek taking it towards the top of my cheek bone and blending well.

The contouring is light and just slims my face slightly, with the blusher over the lump magique it makes my face appear brighter with a healthy glow – this is my favourite way of doing my cheeks at present (I do it daily)!

LIPS – Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angel Delight Shade 4, Bourjois Effet 3D Lip Gloss in 33 Brun Poetic

LIPS – My lips are my final thing I do and with a heavier eye I prefer a ‘nuder’ lip. My favourite nude lip combo is Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angel Delight with Bourjois Effet 3D Lip Gloss in 33 Brun Poetic put just on the inner area of my lips. It makes my lips appear even more full than they are and is really moisturising. What I really love about this combination is it lasts amazingly well on my lips too!

My lips are washed with a hint of colour, it actually appears a little darker than on this image but the effect of the 2 lip products together is my all time favourite nude!

Writing the whole tutorial like this probably took me 10 times longer than it actually does to apply! The look in total took me 10 minutes, than includes applying the lashes, so not really a massive amount of time for a day time look and easily done before work.

The finished look

This look is also really adaptable if you want to take it into evening too. By adding a darker colour into the crease and dragging this onto the lash line and wearing a deeper toned lipstick you have a great evening look in about 2 minutes!

If you like the lashes I have on in this tutorial, why not check them out at Hair Extensions Fashion? They have a lovely collection of lashes all priced at £5.99.

I hope you have enjoyed my makeup tutorial today, this is one of my ‘everyday’ looks – sometimes with lashes and sometimes without, although I have to say with lashes is my favourite!

Have you any ‘go to’ every day looks you wear?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx