When I was a little girl with dead straight hair I always dreamed of curls. My mum who is naturally curly would blow-dry her hair religiously every day straight and hide her waves (Straightening Irons weren’t available then). I was so envious and always ate my ‘crusts’ like my mum told me in the vain attempt my hair would go curly – but alas it never did.

To this day I still love curly hair and in many ways hate straightening irons. Too many people reach for them on a daily basis rather than embracing their beautiful curls. Don’t get me wrong, I know how much work curls can be to make them look beautiful and perfect (I am now blessed with 3 daughters 2 of which have beautiful ringlets) but it does take almost as much time to get the curls straight as it does to make them defined.

While having a surf about this afternoon in my poorly full of cold state (It’s bordering on Man Flu and we all know how bad that is LOL!) I came across some beautiful pictures of full on curls and I guess I had inspiration.

Rihanna Performing at Brits 2012 *source*

Jessie J at the Brits 2012 *source*

Curls are very ‘in’ now, whether they are wild and free like the wig Rihanna is wearing for the Brits or textured and tamed like Jessie J’s there really is a ‘curl’ to suit everyone at the moment.

I saw this picture (*source*) and based my looks around it with a few subtle changes. It took me 10 minutes to curl all my hair and another 5 to curl the extensions. So in all less than 20 minutes for some full on curls!

Curly hairstyles – long curly hair styles by Ishoka *source*

First I thoroughly sprayed my hair with heat protectant from root to tip as I would be using my Diva Glamoriser everywhere. I split my hair into 3 sections for easiness and then took 1″ sections and worked my way around my head curling my hair from root to the tip with the Diva Glamoriser (I used this as a conical wand). I only had the heat on 180 and find with the Diva Glamoriser the curls still hold really well at this temperature with minimal drop throughout the day. Once my hair was curled I allowed my curls too cool and then ran a little serum through my ends to add some shine and definition while breaking up the curls. This look is about definition and not smoothness so make sure you do NOT use a brush!!

I then curled my 16″ Halo Hair Extensions and clipped them in as I normally would (For a tutorial on how I clip in my extensions please clip here). Once they were clipped in I worked my hands through my curls loosely breaking the curls up. I then back combed lightly and randomly to add more volume at the sides and crown. This would have been a lot easier if it was all my own hair as I did not want to ruin my extensions by back combing them. To finish I scrunched some more serum into the ends and then spray to hold the style.

Please excuse me looking a little pale and rough, I have a full on cold and mild flu

Here is my finished look, full on bouncy curls which look shiny and defined. Altering this look to look like Rihanna’s would be completely easy if you omit the fringe as you would just use a centre parting. I would also probably do her look without extensions as I feel my hair would just about be long enough. Jessie J’s look is relatively easy and one I would like to recreate in a tutorial rather than explain. So if this is something you would like to see, please comment below and let me know.

Curls are there to be embraced, not hidden and straightened with irons!! (Well, not all the time anyway).

Have you embraced your curls lately?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx