Tutorial and Review: How I Tint My Eyelashes using Eylure Dylash 45 Day Mascara

I have been colouring my eyelashes or tinting them should I say now for about 10 years. I have only ever used 2 brands of tint before so can’t really comment on other brands but thought as mine were due and I needed to buy some more tint I’d try Eylure’s Dylash 45 Day Mascara and give you a tutorial too on how I do it.

I just think its crazy to pay £7+ to have them tinted by someone when it reality with a little patience and time you can do it yourself with a kit that will last you about a year and cost the same – so obviously a massive saving for you when you are getting 11 applications free! This is one of the reasons why I started colouring my own lashes.

I have really fair lashes and with age some of them have gone a little ‘white’ shall we say. This isn’t massively noticeable but something I am not comfortable with. So I tend too tint my lashes every 4-5 weeks. Many people do it just through the Summer or for when they go on holiday so they can just wear clear mascara, I do mine as I hate applying mascara too my bottom lashes and find this emphasises them nicely without the process of mascara there.

The kit comes with pretty much everything you will need plus good instructions which are quite easy to follow. Inside the kit you will find;

Full Instructions

A Spooly (For combing through your brows and lashes)

Some ‘paper’ mask items you place under your eye (You’ll see what I mean in my pictures before – it was my first time using these)

Dye Developer (Bottle)

Dye Tint (Tube)

Little Stick thing for mixing and applying tint (Don’t you love my terminology)

A plastic tray, do not throw this away! This isn’t just for storing things in! You mix the dye up in this and just rinse it clean afterwards.


So here is my ‘how too tint your eyelashes’ tutorial, you can also do your brows with these products but as I do not tint my brows I can’t do a tutorial on this. However I can tell you it is really easy and simple, just don’t use black on your brows less it matches your colouring!! Brown is more subtle and will look a lot better.

I thought I would include a couple of photos of my lashes before I coloured them, so you could see what they looked like. In honesty they are pretty dark at present from using RapidLash which seems to make my lashes darker anyway. But the bottom ones needed doing so I did them all at the same time.

First things first before you do anything you MUST PERFORM A SKIN TEST48 HOURS BEFORE USING ANY DYE!!! Just because you have no reaction to other dyes (Whatever make), doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction too this one. As long as there was no reactions what so ever and you are happy then you are good to move onto the first step of tinting your lashes (Or Brows).

First you need to make sure there is no traces of makeup or grease at all on your lashes. So take off all that makeup with a good cleanser/eye makeup remover and then give your eyes a good wash too. You want the lashes clear of everything otherwise the tint may not take properly.

At this point if you are doing your brows give them a comb through with the spooly to get the shape you are after so you know where you are applying the dye (The dye is applied in the same method as you do on the lashes for brows, but if you are worried at all I am sure someone has done a YouTube on how too tint your brows).

You now want to mix the dye up. Squeeze out about 2cm of the tint from the tube into the plastic dish part of the casing. Now add 5 drops of the developer with the tint you squeezed out and mix it with the little white plastic stick thing so its all mixed in and looks like a thick creamy paste.

The Dylash 45 Mascara Mixed up and ready to use

Now this next step I feel is up to you, I did one eye with the white mask thing and one without. I found it more of a hinderance than anything but I have been tinting my lashes now for years and to be honest am used to not tinting my lashes with this mask thing being there. However, if you don’t have a steady hand I recommend it. Just pop a tiny bit of water onto it and stick it to your skin underneath your lower lashes and as close too the lash line as you can get. This will mean you can push down on the lashes with the tint rather than lightly wipe them and the dye will go on the ‘white mask’ thing rather than your skin. (Or you can do it my way and not use the mask and carefully clean up your skin as soon as you’ve applied the tint with a cotton bud/Q-tip).

The white mask thing under my eye

We are now going to apply the ‘tint’ to our lashes. DO NOT RUSH THIS!! You don’t want to get the dye in your eye, trust me it stings bad (If you do, rinse well with warm water and flush the eye out. It may be a little sore but there should be no damage). Just take your time and do your best. There is no real rule on this but you want too apply it as evenly as you can from root to tip. You could use a lash comb to apply it, or even a spooly at a guess. I tend to use the stick as you can almost lay it flat to the root of the lashes and get right to the base of them with the tint. Either way, coat the lashes and make sure they are all covered with the tint. If need be get a cotton bud/q-tip and clean any dye off that’s come into contact with the skin. This will stain otherwise and you’ll be left with black/purple marks!

You can see my right eye has the Dylash applied to my top and bottom lashes. I have also cleaned up the skin with a damp cotton bud where I got some dye

At this point you want to start timing. The instructions recommend leaving the dye on for 5-10 minutes. I usually leave it on for 10 and start the next eye but you don’t have too, its perfectly fine to do 1 eye at a time.

Both Eyes with the Dylash applied to them and developing

Once the developing time is up you need to remove the dye from your lashes. The easiest way to do this is with a damp piece of cotton wool or an old flannel. Just lightly wipe across the eye removing the dye. This may take a few wipes and if you do happen to get the dye in your eye (Trust me you will know if this happens!!) just flush your eye out with a little warm water (Much like you would if you got soap in there). Once you have rinse the dye off you are done!


My eyes finished after Eylure Dylash 45 Day Mascara (Please note the lashes are darker in the top picture than they appeal, I struggled taking the photo without it being blurry)

So, it may seem a rather lengthly process and for some I know it is too much ‘faff’ to DIY your lashes, but for those on a budget who want too tint their own lashes I really hope this will help you.

I really quite like Dylash 45 Day Mascara by Eylure. I usually use ColourSpot 30 Day Mascara and found Dylash to actually be better than ColourSpot as the colour seemed more of a ‘true’ black. They are around the same price (ColourSpot is sometimes a little cheaper) and in honesty should both last about the same time which is up to 6 weeks (The growth cycle of your lashes). I bought mine from Superdrug and I believe it was about £7 (I used my NUS discount card and it was bought with other things so can’t remember exact price). I was more than happy with the results and found the process easy and simple. For the beginners out there the instruction were good, they could be better with diagrams etc but if you do look online (Or at this post) hopefully  it would answer any questions you had.

I hope this tutorial is useful to someone. Anyone else like to DIY?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx