Tutorial and NOTD: New Years Eve Nails

Last night while playing on Twitter I decided I was going to redo my nails. I guess I repaint them probably every few days less I am reviewing a nail polish for lasting wear etc. I came up with this little idea based on the sprayed white tip corners I used to have at the nail salon.

Nothing says ‘New Years Eve’ to me more than sparkles! I actually think its a more sparkly occasion that Christmas! I’m not actually going out anywhere this year but at least my nails will be feeling in the spirit of things!

Here’s my sparkly New Years Eve Nails and how easy they are to do (Just a little time consuming due to drying between coats);

This nail could be done in any colour but I chose to do mine in black – I just love the Bourjois So Vinyl Ultra Shine in Noir De Chine. It’s so shiny and lasts well. The glitter used is easiest out of a shaker, I have a few but love the irridisent one that comes with the Andrea Fulerton Stripe and Sparkle in Pattie.

Here’s what you are going to need;

Base Coat (Not shown above but I always use one under nail varnish)

Top Coat (You will see I have 2 but only because my usual one dries in 45 seconds and you may need a little longer than that to get the glitter on in time.

Your choice of nail varnish

Nail Glitter – preferably fine. The Stripe and sparkle polish/nail art pen is really handy as you can use the black end (If using a black polish) to mask any glitter bits you get on the main part of the nail)

It probably looks more complicated than it is but the effect is very easy, as I said earlier it just takes a while but this is because of the coats drying.

1. Apply a base coat and then 2 coats of your favourite nail varnish and allow them to dry well! I gave mine about 10 minutes on the second coat too dry.

2. Take a top coat (You could just as easily do this with a clear nail polish, you are only using it to get the glitter to stick) and paint a line diagonally across your nail (I start from the cuticle area and then paint in one motion too the opposite nail edge. I then fill in the triangle so you have 1 diagonal half of your nail with clear polish on and the other without). If you have any clear polish on the nail wall (Side of nail) use a cotton bud/q-tip soaked in nail varnish remover to get rid of it. Its harder to get off with glitter on too!!

3. Take your glitter while the coat is still wet and sprinkle all over the wet side. DO NOT WORRY if it goes onto the side without the clear polish, we’ll get rid of it shortly. Allow this too dry properly – remember you already have 2 coats of polish on there so it may take a little while (You could move on to the next nail – that’s what I did).

4. Once the glitter is all dry dust off the glitter you have on the diagonal half you don’t want the glitter on (Sounds confusing right!!). If it won’t come off, carefully add a drop of your nail colour over it and it will cover. This is where it came in handy for me with the Nail art brush side of the Andrea Fulerton Stripe and Sparkle as I cleaned up the line too and made it a more solid line. Again allow this too dry.

5. Apply a good quality top coat. You could even use a UV gel coat if you wanted too. I actually applied 2 coats of my ultra shine 45 second drying coat too seal it all in.

At the end you should be left with something like this…

The iridescent sparkles really don’t pick up well on camera as they are multi toned so I took another picture hoping too capture them with a closer shot.

Over all I really love the effect and think for the party season they really are striking. I love experimenting with glitter at the moment and thing you could even go one step further and use rhinestones along the line to sharpen it even more so! That would make a very Blinged Out nail!

Are you planning any special nail effects for New Years Even?

What do you think of my attempt?

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx