Transformulas LipVolume

If you could have fuller lips without the injections and pain, would you? Today’s post is on the Transformulas LipVolume a product that claims to make your lips fuller, more defined and help with fine lines. Is it too good to be true? Well read on as I’ve been using it a month now.

Transformulas LipVolume

Here is some information on Transformulas LipVolume…

Lip Volume locks in moisture stimulating lips and boosting the natural collagen for bigger more beautiful lips. Affordable, needle-free and award winning with a unique formulation that works quickly to plump up and re hydrate your lips.Original Ice Cool not only looks but smells beautiful a perfect pout with minty freshness.

LipVolume also acts as a rescue treatment for ageing, thinning lips by assisting in the regeneration of lip tissue. With continued use, three times a day, you will notice an increase not only in volume but contour, moisture and smoothness to give you softer, smoother, more voluptuous and seductive lips.

This cult product feels like a balm, looks like a gloss and is clinically proven to increase lip size by up to 40%.


Transformulas LipVolume

Really does sound like a ‘too good to be true product’ huh? I thought that I admit, which is why I was super sceptical using it. Still, if there was a product that you could use without having to have lip injections or wear one of those stinging lip gloss/lipsticks, wouldn’t it be worth a go? I’ve a great lipstick pencil (Brand escapes me as I write this) that gives me massive lips. Seriously I look like I’ve had lip enhancements and I don’t have small lips, but my does it hurt! In fact its not just a few minutes but the whole day I’m wearing it my lips are on fire! Not comfortable at all. Still I digress, LipVolume is one of those products that really does do what it says. I should have trusted the brand as I’ve always had good results with Transformulas, but LipVolume isn’t just a fad, hyped product, it works!

I am not a huge lipstick girl, I admit this. I often wear balms in the day or clear lip oils. I don’t like my lips feeling sticky, weighed down or gunky. LipVolume literally is like a gloss, but without any stick. Kind of like a lip oil, without the slip. Its, hard to describe but feels light weight on and good on my lips. Instantly my lips feel hydrated. In fact the whole time I’ve been using this (Just over 30 days now) my lips have not been cracked at all and I have always suffered with dry lips. It also has a kind of minty freshness to it on the lips, slightly cooling. Not in an uncomfortable way, its subtle and you expect to taste mint if you lick your lips, but its flavourless.

Transformulas LipVolume

When it comes to fullness with LipVolume its not instant. Its one of those products you notice after a while of wearing it and then look back on photos of yourself and think, ‘Hang on a minute there, when did that happen? My lips have gotten bigger!‘ I’ve always had a very full bottom lip. But its not in proportion to my top lip at all. LipVolume has given my top lip more definition around the cupids bow and make my lip ‘stand out’ more I guess would be the word. I can see my top lip is fuller, it now matches my bottom lip better.

I don’t really have fine lines around my lips, but will say that my lips look and feel better and when I do apply lipstick now it applies better too. The LipVolume is a product you apply 3 times a day although it does state you can apply it more. You can wear it alone or over lipstick etc. I’m super anal about getting lipstick in my lipgloss. So I admit I’ve not worn this over any lipstick just on its own. But will say that this product definitely does work or has for me and is one I know I will continue to repurchase. I’m hoping in the winter months when my lips are usually really bad that it will help with the condition then and stop/help with the cracking and flaking I suffer with.

Transformulas LipVolume (Left) Before (Right) After 1 month of using LipVolume twice daily
Transformulas LipVolume (Left) Before (Right) After 1 month of using LipVolume three times a day

At £29.95 for 10ml of product, LipVolume from Transformulas isn’t the cheapest product on the market. However,  for me its about quality and knowing that the product does exactly what it claims to do I personally feel its worth the money!

You can purchase LipVolume directly from Transformulas for £29.95.

For more information on Transformulas and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebook orTwitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx