I can’t believe its time for the October Favourites already! Where is the time going? I’ve struggled with this months favourites as due to my spending ban I’ve not bought as many new products in and have been trying to find new ways to use existing things I own. Here’s the top 5 things I have been loving in October.

TreacleMoon That Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gel

Its not often I get a relaxing bath in my house, with 4 children it nearly always means at least one of them wants my attention while I’m in the bath and in the case of my littlest one, usually wants to get into the bath with me! However, of late I have managed to sneak in a few baths on my own which is really nice and has meant I’ve gotten to appreciate a product that not only smells amazing and relaxes me but also makes my skin feel smooth and moisturised after too. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out this is a Vanilla scented product, what I love about it though is it smells sweet and edible! That Vanilla Moment reminds me of a sweet or cake I used to eat as a child, I’m yet to put a name too which one it was. I also love multi use products and this can be used as bubble bath and also a shower gel/body wash! So you get a double wammy of the product and the smell on your skin afterwards it light and comforting. Having sensitive skin and struggling with some products, I have found this doesn’t bring me up in a rash or make me itchy at all either. I bought it from Tesco while it was on offer, I believe it cost £2 which for 500ml I don’t think its terrible and I’ve got loads left even after many uses!

Gossip Girl Nails Inc Nail Varnish in Serena

This product was sent to me by a PR company to review, however I was supposed to have the ‘Lily’ collection according to the packaging and for some reason Serena was in there with the High Society varnish(So part Lily and part Serena) and has meant I can’t really review it. I find wearing them together doesn’t look too good so have taken to wearing Serena on its own. Its a jet black vinyl looking polish with an exceptional shine which I love. But the best thing about this polish is how long it lasts. Since passing my Nail Technician exams I have gotten quite into nail products and things that last well are often made notes of in my mind so I can pass the information onto clients. Being such a dark polish if you do get a chip its going to mean an immediate touch up or removal and new application – I can tell you I applied 2 coats of this polish and it didn’t chip for 4 days. When I applied 2 coats with an additional top coat it lasted me 7 days without a chip! The Gossip Girl varnish sets from Nails Inc cost around £20 (This is for 1 polish and then the ‘effects’ polish which is warn over the varnish). I don’t know if you can buy the colours individually. However, I can say I love Serena and think this jet black polish will be a lingering favourite for me throughout the Winter months!

theBalm FratBoy Shadow/Blush

As many of you will know from my review and many others on the Carmine box of beauty treats one of the holy grail products in it was a product from theBalm called FratBoy, which was a blush and shadow all in one. (For swatches please see my review). I will be honest and say I have not used this as a shadow at all. However I find if I contour my cheeks first (Usually with Sleeks Contour Kit in Light – another product I think it amazing!) and then apply FratBoy too the apples of my cheeks the results are amazing. The blush is a warm pink with a slight peach tone too it. Its a matt blusher so no shimmers in sight and looks great on giving you a healthy glow. As this was part of my Carmine box I had to look online for pricing of it and have found a few sites to be selling it for around £13-£14. With it being quite pigmented I honestly think it will last me ages so I can’t see me needing to buy a new one for a while.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Another product I have recently reviewed and been surprised by was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. (For my review click here) I had problems with skin sensitivity before with Liz Earle products but was pleased to find I had no reaction what so ever to the Hot Cloth Cleanser and it also improved the condition of my skin. 100ml of the Hot Cloth Cleanser costs £13.50 which for a cleanser may be a little high, however I feel it will last quite a while and has almost meant for me another avenue and brand I can use on my sensitive skin.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection

I have only been using the Got2B Guardian Angel spray now for about 2 weeks. However, if there was ever a product I loved from day one then it is this one. I don’t really have any qualms with it at all; it does exactly what it says on the bottle (Protects up to 220 degree and is for blow drying and flat iron use) and it gives you great shine but for me the best thing I have found it is doesn’t make my hair feel ‘greasy’ or unclean if I need to use it more than once before the next hair wash. I used to swear by Tresumme Heat Protectant Spray but I found if I wanted to restyle my hair on day 2 and needed additional heat protectant my hair would feel greasy, lank and a bit crap too be honest. This spray from Schwarzkopf doesn’t cause me any problems at all and makes me hair look amazing! I’ve forgotten to add that it smells really lovely too, a mixture of flowers and exotic sweetness. I bought this in Tesco and I believe it was about £3 for 200ml. This product is going to last a long time due to the amount you need each use and is one I will be investing in again!

Well that’s my Top 5 October Favourites, no doubt before I know it I’ll be posting my November ones! Have you tried any must have products for October?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx