Good afternoon everyone, what a beautiful day it is here in Essex today! So lovely I managed to get the front garden lawn cut! And caught the sun too, so looking a lovely shade of brown – remember be safe and apply sun cream! Otherwise you’ll look like a prune by the time you are 40!

I’m also the strangest type person in that even on the hottest Sunday’s I still like to cook a full roast – much to the families dislike sometimes! Today we have roast pork and chicken – they both needed cooking so everyone gets a choice today!

Right, back to the post at hand. Here is my pick from the high street stores near me and online of things I would buy right now. Clothing is all about confidence whatever you size, there are some great stores and ranges out there for the larger girlie, I’m not small by any means but I can shop in most stores without any issue. I’m pleased that more high street stores are opening their sizes up too larger girls although still think the ‘cut’ of some clothing is smaller than the UK sizing charts. I’m digressing so shall get back to the post; here’s my top 10 pick of things at the moment!

Peach High Waisted Belt Trousers Miss Selfridge £40.00

I love these smart tailored style trousers! Gorgeous dressed down with a vest or dressed up with a pretty blouse. I love wearing this style with a vest and kimono jacket and heels. They also look great with wedges! So pretty, the colour is gorgeous and look great on any size of figure!

One Sleeve Embellished Dress £44.99 Newlook

I am not a girlie girl but I can still love pretty things! I love this dress from Newlook available in 2 colours; biscuit (As shown above) or Jade (Which is breathtaking!) So simple and floaty, this dress is understated yet has the beautiful waist detail. Beautiful with some heals but I feel if you were a little ‘leg conscious’  you could pull it off with some smart jeggings/leggings underneath or even some tights. Beautiful with a tan for Summer too!

New look cropped trousers 24.99

Classy and classic, worn for a day at work or casual. These trousers are so versatile and easy and very flattering on all figures; worn with pumps or heels and available in some many colours. Chinos are still a season must have and what’s better you can wear them through Autumn too!

Miso Swallow Maxi Dress Republic 29.99

As soon as the Maxi dresses come out you know Summer is here! I love Maxi dresses. Being a bit of a short arse (5ft 5) I like something that makes me look taller and always find maxi dresses do just that! This gorgeous dress from Miso at Republic is smart enough for night time but easy to wear and cool for days too. Great for festivals or just night outs. I also think its a fantastic price! Pretty bold blue swallow prints this is a season must have!

Miso Belted Shorts Republic £24.99

About 2 weeks ago I was looking for a pair of smart belted shorts everywhere and couldn’t find them anywhere. Now they seem to be in all the shops again! I really love these shorts by Miso at Republic. They are a gorgeous colour, look great with heels or wedges and fantastic dressed down with flipflops or sandals. So cute and versatile and a great price too!

Linen Jacket 49.99 Zara

I’m coming over all 80/90’s again. I loved the blazer fashion and cute little jackets! I saw this while looking through Zara and loved that it was a little more dressed down than the smart blazers in a lot of the Autumn ranges. Light linen and cool, this is great for Summer evenings when the wind picks up and the suns gone down. Shown here with some cute denim shorts I think you could wear this so many ways and it would look fantastic. It’s a little pricier than some shops but could be a great investment.

Ivory Embellished Collar Sleeveless Pintuck Blouse 35.00 Topshop

I came across this on Topshop and thought it was so simple yet so pretty. I love the embellished collar and simply pin-tuck pleat details. This can be worn so many ways; dressed up for work or down for every day. A very versatile item, great for summer and teamed with pretty much anything it would look great. Definitely a good addition to any wardrobe. At £35.00 a little more than I’d like to pay for a blouse but if you shop around I’m sure you would find an alternative – especially in Primark which seem to be coming up with the latest trends a lot quicker these days!

Green 70s Floral Print Kimono River Island £29.99

I am so in love with this kimono. I love kimono jackets and tops. So versatile any shape can wear them and they can be worn with pretty much anything and look great. I especially love the floral print on this one by River Island and at £29.99 I think its a fantastic price. If I had the spare cash right now, this is something I would definitely be purchasing – serious love for this item!!!

Black Smart Belted Playsuit 40.00 River Island

Playsuits are so cute and come in many colours and sizes. This one stood out to me as I felt it almost had a 60s flavour too it. Smarter than many of the floral prints around this could easily be worn to work I think and like everything here you could easily dress it down too. I do love River Island and am a huge fan of their ranges and finishing touches. The gold buttons and white colour make this simple understated play suit something special in my eyes.

Black Feather Wing Print Tank Top 22.00 Top Shop

I love printed tanks and tees. In reality I am a casual girl and more than happy to live in cropped trousers, jeans and shorts any day. I often team these with tee’s, tanks and vests. I saw this in Top Shop and just loved the design and colours. It’s really beautiful and is on my shopping list if I can find it when I have some money. A good price for a unique design. This is a must have for a casual wardrobe.

There you have it, my top 10 items for now. Now if I only had some money and didn’t keep buying more makeup and beauty products I might actually be able to get some of them!

Have you done your Top 10 fashion items lately or do you have any comments on mine? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx