I have always been a huge fan of tea and tried many brands, today’s post is on a few of the Tick Tock Teas I’ve tried and why they are one of my favourite brands of tea!

While I was pregnant with my Son (Many moons ago, he’s 9 now), I went completely off of tea. Even the smell made me feel ill. It was shocking really as I loved tea but couldn’t stomach it. So I moved onto herbal teas and became a bit of a connoisseur. I’ve tried so many brands now and its only been in the past 5 years I’ve been able to drink regular tea again. Tick Tock Tea is a great brand as they not only do regular tea, but also different herbal ones and also Chai Vanilla.

Tick Tock Tea

Here is a little information about the Tick Tock Tea collection…



Tick Tock tea has been a family favourite for generations, providing naturally caffeine-free rooibos (redbush) goodness for both young and old. Gently soothing and 100% natural, Tick Tock is the perfect choice for new, expectant and breastfeeding mothers, helping ensure bright days and peaceful nights for the whole family.

*source – press release*

I think the biggest selling point for me with Tick Tock Teas is that they are caffeine free. When you do have children and they are getting into their teens and want a brew, it can be hard. I’m definitely one of the  Anti-Caffeine Police members and don’t want them drinking caffeinated drinks.  However, I don’t have to say no with these (Well less I want to drink them all myself!). They are also all 100% natural too and a great way to keep hydrated. I used to have 9 cups of coffee a day (Regular coffee not de-caf) and by swapping to mostly caffeine free drinks (I still have 1 coffee every morning) I’ve found I feel so much better for it too – no more headaches and caffeine withdrawals!

I’ve 4 of the Tick Tock Teas here to share my thoughts on, but they also do others too – these are just the ones I really like!

Tick Tock Tea

Rooibos Honey Lemon and Ginger is a amazingly tasty tea. It reminds me of hot honey and lemon, like when you are poorly and (If you are like me) may mix fresh lemon juice with a tea spoon of honey. Except this has a slightly more subtle taste, yet compared to other herbal teas is VERY flavoured. I do not take sugar in any of my drinks, but this one is lovely and sweet, so for those who do want to sweeten maybe you want need too. Perfect for when you have a sore throat or are just feeling a bit under the weather. The is one of my most repurchased Tick Tock Teas as it tastes so good!

Tick Tock Tea

Organic Rooibos Green Tea is a refreshing green tea with a bold flavour. I often leave my tea bags in my herbal teas while I drink them, but with the one I don’t. Its strong bodied and strong willed, plus has all the benefits of green tea. I drink a lot of green tea and find it helps with ‘keeping things moving’ shall we say in my body, makes me feel good and also keeps my skin clear (This could be down to the sheer amount of tea I consume in a day though!). I know green tea isn’t for everyone, but have to say this is one of the better ones on the market and one I wouldn’t be without in my house.

Tick Tock Tea

Rooibos Earl Grey Tea is lovely and refreshing when you want a brew and has a relaxing aroma too. Earl Grey reminds me of living at home with my Mum as its what she drinks and it relaxes me and makes me feel refreshed. I still don’t drink a  huge amount of ‘regular’ tea and being lactose intolerant meant I don’t have dairy, however having the Earl Grey Tea with a splash of my soya milk is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. Also with it being caffeine free you can drink this bad boy as late as you want and it won’t keep you awake (Although you may still need to nip to the loo)!

Tick Tock Tea

Rooibos Vanilla Chai is a new one for me from Tick Tock Tea. I love Chai and the aromatic scent makes me feel content, but the flavouris divine. However a lot of the ones I’ve tried have never had that same ‘kick’ in taste as they do in fragrance. The Vanilla Chai ticks all the boxes for me. It tastes sweet and homely and smells amazing. Its one of my most favourite fragrances in tea and one I always have at home. If you do love a chai tea I recommend trying this one out, its just as  lovely black as it  is with a splash of milk.

The best thing for me about these teas though is the price. You can’t do wrong with £1.99 for 40 bags I don’t feel and think with these teas you are getting a lot more for your money, I highly recommend these. Some of these were sent to me originally, but have all been restocked by myself. You can purchase them from directly from TickTockTea and most supermarkets.

For more information on Tick Tock Tea, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx