thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper

I’ve been a huge fan of thisworks products now for a long time. As cliche as it sounds, they really do work and I use a few daily in my regimes. Having recently reviewed the thisworks Light Time Open Eyes(Review here) I was super keen to try more of the range. Today’s review is on the Light Time Skin Plumper.

thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper

Here is some information on the thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper…

Smooth the appearance of sleep lines and help shake off signs of fatigue. 

MODERN: Hyaluronic Filling Spheres help plump out wrinkles and skin creases when sleep has left its mark.

NATURAL: Anti- oxidant Vitamin C, Persian Silk Tree extract and skin smoothing Hyaluronic Acid all helps reduce signs of tiredness.

BEAUTY: A moisturising skin plumper for post sleep radiance. 


There comes a time in any ones life when you start noticing the signs of ageing. Maybe its those smile lines that never go, the frown lines or lines on your forehead or those tell tale fine lines around your eyes. I’m exceptionally lucky that the ladies in my family age VERY well. I’m 40 in a few weeks and have minimal fine lines. I do however have pores you could keep change in and find my skin is losing its elasticity somewhat. So recently I’ve been sticking to a strict regime to keep my skin well hydrated, treated with products for keeping it looking young and healthy. thisworks has been one of the brand which has really helped I feel.

thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper

I use the Light Time Open Eyes daily and noticed a different almost instantly. I was hoping for the same results with the Light Time Skin Plumper and I’ve not been disappointed. This product is lovely to work with and even better if you wear make up over it.

thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper

I applied the skin plumper to my face every morning and evening post cleansing. I noticed each morning after applying this the night before my skin looked healthier. My pores weren’t as noticeable which is one of the things I’m rather self conciousness about (As I’m yet to find a primer that really does minimise them on me). My skins texture felt smoother and it looked brighter, less dull. I’ve continued to use the skin plumper since I first got it and have now been using it nearly 3 weeks and wouldn’t be without it in my regime. I am pleased with the results and definitely will repurchase this when its empty. I find 1 pump is enough for me to work into my face (It has a serum gel like feel to it and a little goes a long way), I usually work it in with a buffing brush in the morning and use my fingers at night. When applied under make up I find my foundation goes on more smoothly too! I highly recommend this product if you have tired looking skin and want a ‘pick me up’ product. Its definitely worked for me.

The thisworks Light Time Skin Plumper is available directly from thisworks and costs £29.00 for 30ml of product.

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