thisworks Light Time Open Eyes

Not sure whether you saw my September Favourites (Video here), but I mentioned the thisworks Light Time Open Eyes and thought I best get a post up to tell you all a bit more about it. So, if you have tired looking under eyes and are looking for something to make them look more awake, read on.

thisworks Light Time Open Eyes

Here’s some information about the thisworks Light Time Open Eyes….

MODERN: Refresh, brighten and de-puff eyes post sleep.

NATURAL: With Vitamin- rich algae to tighten, revitalising Persian Silk Tree extract, soothing Aloe Vera and Argan Oil to hydrate eyes on waking.

BEAUTY: Brightens and tightens the eye area and helps fight skin fatigue over time. 


As I mentioned in my favourites video, when I first saw the Light Time Open I was mostly intrigued as it reminded me of the Benefit product that was similar in appearance. I honestly wasn’t expecting much and often find with eye cream products that more often than not they don’t do very much for me (There has been a few exceptions, but I do mean few).

thisworks Light Time Open Eyes

The Light Time Open Eyes is interesting in that its a gel like cream which is dispensed out of the top of the product and then lightly massaged into the eye with the metal applicator on the tube. The product claims to brighten and tighten the eye area whilst helping with removing that puffy eye look you can often get from late nights (And dare I saw overindulgence?).

I have now been using the Light Time Open Eyes for 2 weeks, most of the time I suffer with puffy, tired looking eyes as I don’t sleep well due to my RA. I’ve found cold spoons can often relieve the puffiness but in honesty, who has time to sit with spoons on your face first thing in the morning? So, a product that would help with this problem would be a huge benefit in my life and I have to say Light Time Open Eyes does exactly that for me.

thisworks Light Time Open Eyes

What I loved about this product is I noticed it working from day one. I would cleanse my first in the morning like normal and then applying the cream under my eyes using the applicator. It has an instant cooling effect as its metal and makes you feel more awake. My under eye area did look better and less puffy. But after using the metal applicator I noticed that the effect was still visible and continued to make my eyes look more awake throughout the day.

Over all, I was really impressed with the Light Time Open Eyes. I’ve used it daily ever since and now notice that my eyes don’t look as puffy first thing, I am presuming its because I use the product daily. I definitely would be interested in trying more of the range after seeing the benefits of this product working, definitely worth the investment and as you use so little product each time it should last you a while too.

The thisworks Light Time Open Eyes costs £25.00 and is available directly from thisworks.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx