17 Miami Pop

Things We Do For Love – Budget Review of 17 Miami Pop Collection

I decided yesterday I’ve done a fair few reviews but never really did anything that was cheap and budget like. So have decided I’ll be buying a few budget products and giving them a go. It’s not that I don’t actually own any ‘cheap’ things – my favourite concealer is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection one and I love MUA Clear Mascara. I just never think to review them.

17 Miami Pop Limited Edition Collection (And Free Gift)

Walking through Boots the other day I saw the 17 Miami Pop Limited Edition Collection. It had been out a while but looked cute and had adding buying power with a free gift of purchase with 2 or more items. Doesn’t take much to sway me into these things 😉

‘Get a beautiful summer glow with the limited edition Miami Pop colour collection’ 17 tells us and with the little leaflet you pick up with it, it tells you just how to do that.

The Bronzer

Miami Pop Brozer is too cute! For starters I love the packaging, anything bright is a must for me (Easier to find in the makeup bag/suitcase which is growing to a ridiculous size). With its orange casing and clear lid so we can see what we’re getting but the 2 pink flamingo’s too – it screams cuteness.

Swatch of Bronzer

Then I opened the lid (I didn’t try any of these products before buying and just went out on a whim) and was shown sparkle with gold and bronze. I’m not a huge sparkle fan, I don’t mean glitter more of an iridescent sheen. But, when I swatched this I loved it! It comes out a copper bronze so perfect for the ‘Glamazon’ trend at present but has this underlying sheen to it. Very smooth and blendable. I was impressed and have to say think I’ll be using this a lot! It’s £4.99 and you can get it at most Boots stores.

Swatch of Miami Pop Lipgloss

The Miami Pop lipgloss has the same packaging as the bronzer which I love. Easy to find in my handbag  and not too sticky but with a high gloss – something I love. The colour is bright pink, but more of a soft colour. Not so ‘in your face’ as some I’ve tried (Reminds me of Benefit’s Posy Tint with a clear gloss) and goes on and lasts well.

Miami Pop Lipgloss – reminds me of PosyTint

However, I was disappointed with something, a silly thing you will all think but its my review so I’m allowed. It had no scent or flavour! I think of Miami I think of the brightness, the culture, the lifestyle. I want it all, so would have liked a tropical scent maybe? Something spicy? But not a thing and it’s tasteless. I know I am nit picking but it would mean I wouldn’t reach for it as much. Its £3.99 and you can also buy this at most Boots stores.

Miami Pop Down Town (As demonstrated by Mark – now that’s love! I only painted my nails yesterday with Nails In Basil Street and didn’t want to take it off straight away!!)

Lastly Miami Pop released 2 nail varnishes. I only bought ‘Down Town’ which is a bright orange but they are also selling ‘Palm Beach’ which is bright pink and a similar shade to the lip gloss. I love orange nails in the Summer so saw ‘Down Town’ and was sold. Its funky and fresh and screams Miami to me. Do I like it? Hell yeah I’ll be popping this on my toes next time I change my polish. I can’t judge on lasting power at present as I haven’t tried it but I have tried A LOT of other 17 nail varnishes and I’ve always found them too last VERY well (I do apply the 17 high gloss top coat over them – which I have found is one of the best cheap top coats!!). Both nail varnishes are £2.99 and available at Boots.

Over all, I liked 17’s Miami Pop collection and will be doing my makeup tomorrow morning with them and will post a pic so you can see what you think. For beauty on a budget (I think it came too £11.98) I thought it was a good price and I totally love the bronzer and nail colour. The lipgloss is cute, I just wish it had some flavour or scent. I didn’t have that high of expectations as I’d had ‘issues’ with 17 things in the past (Mascara’s are crap that I’ve tried as were the lipsticks) but thought I’d try them none the least and have to say I’m glad I did.

Free gift with 2 purchases

I also loved the free gift, which I’ve not tried yet but will. Included in the little gift bag were; Pink Grapefruit Lasting Fix nail varnish, Knockout Red Lasting Fix nail varnish, emery board and nail-art stickers (Pink leopard print and plain pink hearts).

My Goodies!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx