Review of Talika Eyelash Lipocils – The Quest for Longer Lashes

As many of you may not who have read my blog before my one thing I hate is my short, dumpy, fair lashes. No matter what I do they just look horrible (Well less I put on some falsies). When I first read about the ‘lash enhancing growth’ gels I was really interested but with so many on the market and at such varied prices I wasn’t sure where to start. After reading up on a few things on google and having a look on YouTube I found Talika and their Eyelash Lipocils.

It seemed that so many people have such varied results it was hit or miss as to whether it would work for me. I will say now that this review is on my own personal experience with Talika Eyelash Lipocils but I have also read a lot of reviews from people who it has and hasn’t worked for.

Talika boast that in 28 days you can have longer and thicker eyelashes. The drug free plant extract formula is also suitable for contact lens wearers and you shouldn’t have any reactions to the product because of its formulation. After reading about the gel I was sceptical but seriously interested so went and bought some.

The eyelash gel is much like a mascara with a bristled wand which you apply to your top and bottom lashes to coat them from root to tip. It is a clear formula so if you do get any on your lids it doesn’t show and can be worn under mascara too. You apply it every morning and evening to bare lashes (No product on your lashes, so they are just clean) and that’s it. 28 days later you should have longer thicker eyelashes in fantastic condition.

I’m not going to go into the percentages of how the product worked for others, this review is based on my experience. When I first used the product I did not notice any discomfort at all and it was just like applying a clear mascara. I made sure my eye lashes were well coated and then went on with my day. I have documented my lashes by photos at least once a week since I started using Eyelash Lipocils and also made mental notes of things I noticed.

Here is my ‘before’ Images

After 1 week of using the product I noticed my lashes were slightly darker. This was more apparent on my lower lashes than top ones, although I could tell if I looked very carefully that they were a little darker too.

End of Week 1 Images

After 2 weeks I hadn’t really noticed much else but was still religiously using the product twice a day as directed.

End of Week 2 Images

After 3 weeks I noticed my outer lashes on my top lash line were curling slightly on the ends. Only mildly but there was some definite curl there that hadn’t been before and 2 of my lashes were growing upside down (Curl was going towards my eye). This didn’t cause me any problems and my lashes have always grown a little odd at the outside corners. I also noticed that I was losing fewer lashes than I used too when I took off my eye make up and my eyes didn’t feel as ‘irritated’ as normal at the end of the day. I don’t now if this is because of Eyelash Lipocils but wanted to add it to this review as I haven’t done anything else differently. As I’d documented before my lashes now all looked a very dark brown, definitely darker than before and more defined without the gel on.

End of Week 3 Images

At week 4 I can honestly say I think they were looking fuller. Now a massive difference but there was some more fullness to them than usual on the top lashes. My lower lashes also appeared longer, but I don’t know if that is because of them being darker or if they had actually gotten longer?

End of Week 4 Images

I have continued to use Lipocils once a day for an additional week and can say that my lashes are exactly the same so think they have reached their full potential.

Final Images 5 Weeks

Do I think that Eyelash Lipocils does all it claims? Well, in my case it I think it has done something. I would never expect dramatic results (Like I’d have lash extensions) but my results are subtle and compared to how my lashes were there is a definite improvement – not just in appearance but also in condition! I used to rub my eyes and 2 or 3 lashes at a time would come out, now I don’t have any at all (Less there is a loose one). They are darker, softer and as I’ve said I think fuller.

Talika Eyelash Lipocils isn’t cheap at £21.50 but did do something for me and from the many other reviews I’ve read can also help others. I think the problem comes in when people have unrealistic expectations of what the product can actually achieve. Much like when you watch a mascara advert and you see the small print that it was filmed using ‘lash inserts.’ Realistically I don’t think it will make your lashes double in size, but it will make them into the best condition it can for ‘your’ own personal lashes.

I will continue to use Lipocils till it is all gone and then will possibly research other lash growth serums after giving my lashes a break from Eyelash Lipocils but can also see me using this again in the future. Would you consider using Talika Eyelash Lipocils? Or have you already? Did you notice a difference on my images?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx