I won’t lie, I ummd and ahh’d about writing about my Ketogenic (Keto for short) journey. There are so many blog posts out there about what the Keto diet is, how it makes you feel, what it does etc… Did the World Wide Web really need another blog post about it? But then I thought, even if it’s just me who reads this as a reference. Something to look back on. Or just help/motivate/educate someone. Then maybe its done some good, right? I am not a professional healthcare person. My own qualifications come from hair, beauty and nails. But I have read a lot before and during doing this diet. So these blog entries will be like a diary if you like. Of how things have made me feel, what I’ve achieved on the diet and maybe it’ll help someone, you know?

So why did I decide to do the Ketogenic diet?

Well, firstly Mark and myself (More Mark) aren’t calling it a diet. ‘Diet’ can be a dirty word. One which has expectations and things. We decided this would be a life change, so we are calling it a life style. I know its just words right? But if it helps…. Both Mark and I are ’embracing’ the keto lifestyle. Mark is doing it because he has a lot of weight to lose. I love him as he is, have said that numerous times. But also said he needs to do this for him. He’s worried about his health and hoping the weight loss will help – which I’m sure it will. I should add although I will update each month with how Mark is doing, this blog is more about me and my feelings and journey. So why am I doing it?

Well, this has less to do with weight and more to do with my health. About 5 years ago, maybe more, I kept getting ill. I would hurt like I had the flu with zero energy. But my joints would swell too. I went from being able to walk 3-6 miles a day to being lucky to do 1000 steps in a day – and that was a good day! It took over a year for me to actually go to the doctors about it as I honestly thought I had something terminally wrong with me and was petrified. Another 6 months after that I was diagnosed by my specialist with Psoriatic Arthritis.

So, then came medication and steroids. Add to that the lack of energy I had, so no exercise due to pain and my weight increased. I went from a size 16 (Yes I know I was still over weight then but I was comfortable) to a size 20/22. The weight gain didn’t really bother me. What did was losing, well myself. I stopped going out, as in honesty it was too much for me. One good day of doing things and going out, meant 3 days of feeling crap and doing nothing. A point came when I refused to go onto the next medication my specialist wanted me to take. So I medicated for pain/swelling and just got on with things.

I even cut back and stopped blogging as typing caused me too much pain! My weight sort of plateau at that point. I didn’t lose or gain anything. Yes I was bigger but it didn’t bother me and if I’m honest even now it doesn’t. It has more to do with the fact I’m 43 and some 80 year olds are more active than me.

So I did some research and found a post about the keto diet and how eating different things could help my arthritis. I am not looking for a cure. There isn’t one for arthritis. But if I can find a happy medium of being able to do more without feeling like shit for days after, then that’s good right?

So, with that in mind I basically had one day where I decided I could eat what I wanted pre going the keto way. Strangely enough my only indulgence that Monday was a KFC for lunch (I’m a sucker for a Zinger Burger). The following day I weighed myself and then started.

My weight goals aren’t really as important for me as my health conditions. So, this diary for this post onwards will be on things I have noticed, that have changed (Good or bad) and of course any weight loss I might have. All the information I have used has been from the internet, but I will include links to things if and when I can (Or remembered too).

Wish me luck and if you want to see how my journey is doing you can look under ‘Categories’ for my Keto entries.

– Mel x