The Dukan Diet – Day 3

Yesterday I hit a bit of a low I think, it wasn’t that I didn’t stick to the diet – in fact I’m sticking to it religiously but I think where my body is craving things it would normally have (Mainly the texture of foods but I’ll explain that a bit later) and only being allowed protein or chewing gum (My new found friend!). When you are in Phase 1 or the Attack Phase you are told to weigh yourself as often as you like. Phase 1 is designed to get your body into the diet and kick start it. Weight loss is fast in this early stage which is great for motivation, something this morning I felt I was lacking.

Today I weighed myself for some motivation, any loss would be good and tell me the Dukan Diet was actually working. I always like to use Wii Fit Plus to weigh myself as it has a chart on it so you too can see how much you have lost. I booted up the system and prepared myself, I realised yesterday the low fat soya yoghurts I have contain fruit which is something you aren’t allowed in the first 2 phases! Would this small amount of fruit I’d had for the past two days effect things? Apparently not! I have lost 4lb already and yes you did read that correctly!

Obviously being someone who is more than overweight you often find at first the losses in diets are quite large, but 4lb in 3 days (I’ve done 2 full days on the diet and am on Day 3) is a massive achievement! I am so chuffed with myself that even if I only lose another 1lb before I move onto Phase 2 I’ll be more than happy. On the Dukan chart it predicted I’d lose about 5lb in Phase 1 so I am more than on track.

I have noticed for the past 2 days I have been pretty tired on this diet – reading up on Dukan said it usually happens and around Day 3 onwards you start to feel energetic again, I really need this as I could have gone to sleep yesterday afternoon and I never sleep in the day time! I also started taking the recommended Multi Vitamins – with so much protein at present I’m not getting anything else in my diet and not getting my essential vitamins and minerals, so a supplement is a must!

I haven’t noticed any constipation yet (Sorry for the info there!) which is another common side effect, however I have been drinking a lot of different fluids plus my daily water intake too. I am going to the toilet silly amounts but its good for the kidneys so I won’t complain.

Yesterday I found a couple of sites with recipes and information on which may help people thinking of using Dukan. I extremely liked one site as it had 2 recipes I really need to make.

My Dukan Diary is a blog style site of a lady who has done the diet. This link is directly for the recipes but if you want motivation there are many posts from people and I found answers to questions I’d been asking there too.

My Dukan Diet is a site packed with information and also some really tasty recipes!

I really want to try the crunchy oat cookies and instant cheese cake – not because I have a big sweet tooth either. Here’s the thing – on this diet you eat a lot of meat and fish. After a couple of days everything you put in your mouth kind of feels the same – not tastes the same but feels the same. Its the same texture, some feeling. Last night all I wanted was to ‘crunch’ something. Not necessarily something unhealthy either; a carrot, apple anything crunchy. My grilled chicken wasn’t very exciting and certainly not crunchy! I also found a recipe for crunchy chicken gourjons which I think might fit the bill well too!

Day 2 food intake consisted of; Oat Bran Porridge for breakfast, fresh salmon (Snack), scrambled egg and turkey ham (lunch), turkey ham and fresh salmon (snack), Grilled Chicken with seasoning and a Low fat soya yoghurt for dessert.

Before I go I thought I’d share with you the picture of my breakfast – Oat bran porridge (Made with low fat soya milk). This has become my favourite meal every day! I love porridge anyway and this tastes like a mixture of porridge and Ready Brek. Right I am going to go and finish my breakfast before it gets cold and then I will write up my other posts.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx