The Denman Tutti Fruitti Range

I think most people who have ever owned a Denman hair brush have owned the classic D3. It is the most versatile brush and can be used in so many ways if you have this one brush in your collection you are pretty much covered for all styles.

I was extremely excited when I saw Denman had bought out their Tutti Fruitti range and very pleased to be sent one too try. The Tutti Fruitti range comes in various flavours; Strawberry Shortcake, Green Apple, Wild Dewberry, Orange Tango, Lemon Sherbet and Coconut (Coconut is available with a plastic classic D3 handle and also a wooden handle).

The great things about these brushes is you have the classic good quality D3 styling brush but the novelty of it being scented too. I think this is a great idea especially if you have children who don’t enjoy having their hair brushes – especially girls with tangles. My daughters have all fallen in love with the Strawberry Shortcake brush after trying my Wild Dewberry one. This has meant that doing their hair has become fun rather than a chore!

I was sent the Denman D3 in Wild Dewberry hair brush and immediately fell in love. I love blow drying and back combing with a D3 as I find them excellent brushes for styling. If you want to create volume or blow dry a bob I prefer using a D3 to a round bristle brush.

The brush has nylon bristles which are firm but flexible. They are great for removing tangles and smoothing the hair – especially if you are trying to achieve a neat ‘non bumpy’ high pony tail. There are 7 rows of bristles and on my Wild Dewberry brush the bristles are mounted on the purple anti-static rubber base.

On the rear of the Wild Dewberry D3 you have the cute dewberry design

The handle design of the D3 is comfortable too hold and sits well within your grip. Even though the brush handle is plastic it doesn’t slip easily from your hand. I especially love the dewberry design going down the handle – its a nice touch and looks really cute!

These gorgeous fragrances Denman brushes can be puchased directly from Denman for £7.31 and really are worth the price; a good high quality product with a great fragrance too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx