The Beautiful Cream Puff Collection by Collection 2000

For those who’ve had their heads stuffed in the sand and not noticed the praises on Twitter of recent about the new Cream Puff Collection by Collection 2000 then you are in for a real treat! Not only are they worth their weight in gold but they are also very beautiful too.

Let me introduce you one by one…

 Collection 2000 Cream Puff РCotton Candy Shade 1

For me and many others from reviews I have read I believe this is the most pretty colour of all the Cream Puffs. I wear this more over my other favourite! I love the rosy pink colour, how it makes your lips look subtly fresh, pink and very kissable!

This shade looks lovely on its own or teamed with a little gloss. It definitely is a reflection of its name sake and reminds me of all things sweet! My ultimate favourite with many others I am sure!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff – Powder Puff Shade 2


Powder Puff is the most nude of all the colours, it’s the barely there, the sun peaking through the cloud for me. I really like this lip cream though, its a nice nude which works well for most people. With a tan I feel it doesn’t work so great for me but in the Winter I can see me wearing this quite frequently with a heavier eye makeup.

Just remember, it may be nude but its not unmissable, so don’t push it under the rug just because its barely there. It will also leave your lips super soft and smells really good too!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff – Fairy Cakes Shade 3

Fairy Cakes is the most vibrant of the colours I think. It’s a rich coraly reddish pink. Look at that, a word that don’t really exist – still you get the idea and in the land of make believe and fairies I’m sure I’m allowed that 1 word! I love this colour with a nude eye, winged liner and rosy cheeks. It’s so beautiful that I wear this almost as much as I wear cotton candy!

Sweetness and cakes and a summery shade, Fairy Cakes is very popular so if you want one you may have to hunt for it! It took me 2 trips to both Boots and Superdrug and then finally I was lucky!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff – Angel Delight Shade 4

Mmm Angel Delight! I love Angel Delight, but we aren’t talking about the dessert right now. Instead we have something that’s almost as edible – I did say almost! The Angel Delight Cream Puff is a nude brown, a little darker than Powder Puff which is more of a neutral in comparison. Its quite vibrant and the camera isn’t picking this up at all! It reminds me of Butterscotch and any of my blog readers will know how much I love Butterscotch!

This shade is one of the few which I almost always wear a small amount of gloss with. I don’t apply it to the whole lip but just the inner fleshy part. It looks gorgeous with a glamazon glow makeup and a heavy eye!

The Cream Puffs have a velvet like texture and are so soft on your lips its kind of strange calling them a lipstick – they are a lip cream and so much more! Firstly they are super moisturising but not in a way where they just wipe off your lips. I have found them all to have great staying power. They are also packed with vitamins to keep your lips soft and subtle. For the trend conscieous they come out quite matt so perfect for the coming Autumn trend and although there’s only 4 shades there really is one for everyone I think. I’ve not even mentioned the smell of them yet, they smell edible! Sweet but not overpowering it’s like using a scented lip balm! In fact to me that’s how just how they feel on my lips.

Priced at £2.99 you can get them at Boots and Superdrug and most supermarkets (Although I have not personally seen them in mine, this information was taken from the Collection 2000 website). At present they are also on offer and you can get them on 3 for 2 in both Boots and superdrug.

If you haven’t tried them can I recommend you give them a go. My personal 2 favourites which I keep wearing almost daily are Fairy Cakes and Cotton Candy. These 2 colours are not my usual choices in lipsticks and I am usually a strictly nude girl but I love their deep vibrancy and the way they make my lips look. If you aren’t one for the matt look, I have also found you can add a little balm or gloss to them and they work and last just as well!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx