Tangle Angel

The Tangle Angel isn’t just another boring brush to hit the market. It has some great claims that I’ve been putting to the test this week. Here are my thoughts on why you need a Tangle Angel in your life like a little guardian on your shoulder (Or should that be hair?).

Whether it be from a professional or personal point of view, I love hair tools. I have a huge collection of brushes (Which my daughters steal regularly) and use a few each day. My hair is platinum, it is damaged so I need something that gets the knots out but that’s also gentle. I’ve been a huge fan of the Tangle Teezer for years now but my biggest issue with it was that there was no handle! This meant it was great for brushing hair, but styling (Putting hair up or even rough drying it) was near in impossible. Step forward the Tangle Angel. A brush that has nice dense plastic bristles but but best of all a handle too!

Tangle Angel professional detangling brush is not only perfect for detangling both wet and dry hair, but also makes a great blow drying brush and is suitable for all hair types. *source*

The Tangle Angel comes in array of colours, I have the graphite version (It looks a grey/black mix) which reminds me of a naughty fallen angel (Lucifer from Supernatural anyone?). The design is fairly unique and pleasing on the eye. You have what looks like a headless angel with beautiful wings and a perfect figure.

Made of plastic the Tangle Angel is smooth in the hands. Its shiny but not slippery. I felt like I had good control when I held the brush and used it. It is also light weight, so great for all ages too.

Tangle Angel boasts being antibacterial with an additive added into the plastic of the brush, another plus point there. Antistatic so for those with super fine hair you aren’t going to get that ‘hair raising’ experience! Heat resistant bristles retain their shape even when with high temperatures(Up to 115 degrees celsius).

While using the Tangle Angel I’ve noticed I’ve had less breakage. My hair is smooth, glossy and knot free. I do find the thicker areas of my hair I may need to work through more but it does remove the knots. Plus I like the feel of how it massages my scalp without being scratchy. This brush would be especially great for children scalps where a Denman D5 can be a bit aggressive.

To conclude I’d say if you love the Tangle Teezer you will love this brush. It is so much better plus more likely to keep its shape. In a price comparison against other hair brushes I feel the Tangle Angel is both reasonable and attainable for everyone. I’ve used this brush every day a few times a day and now find I’m not picking up my others! Highly recommend – now I just need to keep it away from my daughters!

The Tangle Angel comes in an array of shades and costs £12.95. Available also in different types, you can purchase directly from Tangle Angel here – http://www.tangleangel.com/.

For more information on Tangle Angel and their products, why not checkout their Website, Facebook or Twitter?