I’ve been manic today packing for our weekend away in Wales visiting friends and family. So busy that I’ve not long sat down and have nothing planned for my nightly blog post. No reviews, no news… zip. So I was having a look through some blogs and saw this tag on Onna’s Little Blog and thought I’d do the tag too.


The A-Z of 30 Something Mel


Age: 30 something‚Ķ ok I’m 35

(Check my fringe?!)

Bed Size: King with a double mattress (Don’t ask)

Chores you hate: Emptying the cat litter! Worst job in the world but I have persian’s that are house only cats so it has to be done!

Dogs: 2, a chocolate labrador and a black/white springer spaniel

Essential Start to your day: Coffee. I am not a morning person and cannot function without it!

Favourite Colour: Black, but thats not an actual colour its a shade . Blue is a close second.

Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold. I’m not a huge yellow gold fan.

Height: 5ft 5

Instruments I play: Piano, some flute and the recorder LOL

Job Title: I’ve had lots!

Kids: 4; 3 daughters and a son.

Live: Essex

Mum’s Name: Brenda

Nickname: Mel, Boo. When I was younger I called Peaches, Pebbles and Mish!

Odour I love: Always have loved the smell of vanilla. Perfume wise it changes frequently but at present Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Pet Peeve: Liars and lateness

Quote from a Movie: The Truth About Cats and Dogs –¬†“I’d actually like a pore-maximizer. Sometimes I’d just like to store stuff in there … like loose change.

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: 3 Step Brothers (Andy, Phil and Paul) and a Step Sister (Julia)

Time you wake up: 7am but I don’t EVER get out of bed before 7:10 and not usually till the other half has bought my coffee.

Underwear: Boy shorts, too comfy!

Vegetables you dislike: Cooked carrots (But I will eat them) and broad beans (I will NOT eat these!).

What makes you run late: Usually my children – I hate lateness!

X-Rays you’ve had done: LOTS! Teeth, legs, back, chest etc (Anything from ribs down basically)

Yummy food you make: Home made pizza (Including the dough), my secret recipe chocolate chip cookies, a mean roast dinner and cheese scones.

Zoo Animals: Any member of the cat family – white tigers and black panthers are my favourites. I also love leopards and have a bengal as he has spots just like them!


Just a little fun for a Thursday evening, we all need fun in our lives! I TAG everyone who hasn’t done it before. Its quite amusing filling it out. But please, do not hold the bad 80s/90s perm against me!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx