I am so sorry I’ve missed this for a day! I’ve had a lot going on here and not had chance to really do a look using the palette. I hope you can forgive me.

Today’s look kind of reflected my mood, I’m pretty tired and wanted to go for a more natural look. This is harder than it sounds when you already have done two looks very similar. So today’s look I used several different shades and made them darker using the black.

I started todays look using 12 all over the lid. I then worked a little 10 and 1 over that and blended it all well. I then applied 10 in the socket and along the lower lash line and blended this out so there was no harsh lines. 7 was used in the inner corner just to brighten it slightly as it looked too dark – I may have been a bit palette happy with the black (1).

I learned today that shade 12 is more pigmented than I originally thought, I knew it was a darker gold/green shade but was surprised when I was blending it with the black just how much depth it really could have. The look is actually a lot darker than shown in the photos. I really loved how blending the bronze and gold worked well for a ‘new’ colour on the lid.

Tomorrows look will be my final one with this palette, I already have the colours mapped out and chosen – I now just have to hope I have enough time to do the look in the morning and things don’t go wrong!!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx