Another scorcher here but I hear it’s not going to last many more days. I spent the day gardening and cleaning the house which is probably why I chose green today; all that grass being cut you couldn’t escape the green and brown colours outside and how gorgeous they looks.

If you are interested in doing this TAG with me, then pick your palette and give it a go. This palette is so versatile as there is a wide range of colours in it to play with. Here’s my post on what you need to do if you fancy giving it a go.

This is probably the most complex look I’ve done throughout the challenge as I don’t think I’ve ever used so many colours in one look. I started with applying shade 6 all over my lid and along my lash line. Then I took shade 11 2 thirds across the lid. I put a little shade 12 into the outer corner and blended it well. I thought this looked ok but wasn’t quiet enough so I put a little black there just to add some depth and took that through the socket too. The look was finished with some black liner and mascara.

I liked the look and was surprised when I used the darker shade in the HD Brow Palette and found it actually looked ok. So I even learned something today too. Two days left of this palette challenge, I think I know which one I’m going to chose next now!!

Mel xxxx