A beautiful day here in Essex and I still have a bloody cold! Things haven’t gone to plan today either, the holes that needed filling are still wet so can’t be sanded and painted and then Homebase and B&Q didn’t have the size/amount of paint I wanted. So not good really.

Here we are back for 21 – A photograph of the part of you that you dislike the most.

There’s only 2 parts of me I dislike I suppose. Both are because of surgeries. I have a 10″ scar on my leg from an operation to try and cure my leg problems (It didn’t work) and also a severely bad stomach because I’ve had 5 cesarian section when I’ve had my children – best description of this would be one of those body make over programs and they have a large section of skin that over hangs their knickers etc… well that’s what I have but pretty badly and it can’t be removed less surgically. As I don’t particularly want to show off my stomach I’ll go with my leg although I don’t feel its the worse thing about me – its not very nice either.

This is from an operation I had 14 years ago. It measures 10″ in length and has 37 staple holes on each size. I slight shock when they told me it would only be 6″ long! It runs up the outside of my leg from an inch above my knee towards my thigh. I’m sitting down in this pic so it looks more curved but it is straight.

Well I guess I will see you tomorrow for Day 22 – almost finished the challenge now, it’s flown by!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx