TAG: 30 Day Challenge Day 2

And here we are back for day 2.



Day 2 – My Favourite Pair of Shoes, my Birkenstocks (Could they look anymore scummy and dirty?!).

I don’t really have a favourite pair, depends on time of year and what I’m doing for the day. Winter its boots, nearly always brown ones. I like black boots but for some reason always buy brown. Summer its ease so flipflops or Birkenstocks. Just something I can quickly shove on that’s comfortable. If I’m going out somewhere special I’ll make more of an effort but I guess my most worn shoes would be my Birks. I have 4 pairs; all different colours and but a new pair each year. This year I got these bright peach ones.

See you tomorrow for Day 3.

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx