TAG: 30 Day Challenge Day 18

Welcome back to the 30 day challenge Day 18 – A photo of your house/apartment.

As I’m not keen on showing a picture of my house, I’ll show you my current project within our house. We are decorating our living room at present and for anyone who follows me on twitter will know we’ve been getting our old fire place sorted. So I will show you the pictures of that instead….


This is about the only picture I can find of how the fireplace used to be. This is my chocolate lab Usher laying in front of it. You can see nasty grey bricks and dodgy silver plate covering the whole. Lovely wasn’t it – if you were partially sighted!

Then one Saturday afternoon we were talking and next thing I know we were off to B&Q to buy a hammer and something else. Mark took the whole thing off in about an hour and left us with this… hmm hurts the eyes doesn’t it!

My besties hubby came over last weekend and sealed it all up and filled the whole in.

Then he freshly plastered it. This is how it’s looked all week till today.

And this is it now. With my gorgeous Mulberry Burst feature wall paint on! Excuse the new freshly built Ikea furniture in front of it, can’t move it yet as we haven’t cleared out the old stuff we are binning. The living room is the room we’ve been spending money on as we spend most of our time in there. This wall is also the wall our TV is mounted on which will hopefully be put back up tomorrow as the kids are going mad without it and the Wii!

So that’s a glimpse into my home. See you for Day 19!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx