Half way though! Still not feeling too great today. Full head cold and headache which isn’t helped by the kids shouting and screaming on the Summer holidays. Still its not their fault I feel pants.

So Day 15 – Something you regret.

This is a hard question – reason being I believe everything happens for a reason. For all the bad things I’ve had happen in my life they have made me a stronger person, wiser… I’ve learnt from my mistakes and worked through things. I don’t really regret anything – I could say I regret getting married but I don’t as I wouldn’t have my son. I could say I regret running up debt when I was younger but it wouldn’t have taught me to be careful with money now. See what I mean. There’s the silly things  like;

Why did I buy that dress/top/trousers? What was I thinking?!

I must have gone shopping in the dark if I thought this eyeshadow was wearable?!

Why did I eat that second piece of cake/biscuit/extra serving?

But I’ll be honest and say I don’t regret much, well nothing serious. Just remember that by everything you do and all mistakes you make they make you a stronger person!

Onto day 16

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx