Hello all, well we’re back for day 13 today – What you want more than anything right now.

Loaded question really! World peace, fortune, happiness?

Hmm, or are we talking an object? Desire? Feeling?

Erm, ok seeing as I have no idea how to answer such an evasive question I’ll answer it in the ways I’ve put above;

World peace would be nice, no more wars and no more suffering.

Money/wealth would be good too, not oodles but enough to sort this house out and maybe buy it. Treat my children and Mark and make everyone happy maybe with a big family BBQ or something.

Happiness, well that goes without saying. When everyone else is happy I’m happy (Or this is generally the rule less their happiness makes me miserable).

Object would be probably one of these;

GBK Target Practice Tee from Chicks Rule

Blue Cat Scarf from TopShop

My desire would probably be for everything I’m working on at present and working towards to be successful.

So an evasively loaded question for day 13, let’s see what day 14 brings.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx