Another manic day of cleaning and getting the house sorted. The fireplace is finished but we still have to get a wall plastered and that won’t be done for another 2 weeks at the earliest. Just hope the house stays clean and tidy now for a while – doubtful but we can live in hope.

Today of the 30 day challenge is Day 12 – Your favourite movie.

I have so many favourite films. When I was younger my Dad owned a chain of video stores (Tells you how long ago it was being videos!) so seeing films was something of a regularity and something I took for granted I suppose. These days I still watch films but not as ┬ámany. I love horror films, the occasional comedy and have been known to watch the rom-coms but I’m not really a chick film person to be honest. I do however love films with cars! It was a hard choice as it was between the series I’m picking and Gone in 60Seconds with Nicolas Cage but I’m going with this instead. I could pick ANY of these films in this series but this is the one I seem to watch over and over.

Fast and the Furious 3 – Tokyo Drift.

I especially love the last 30 seconds of the film, Vin Diesel is looking especially hot! Hot cars, good action and lots of drifting!

Well, that’s day 12 done, I’ll be back for day 13 tomorrow.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx