Well, this could be an interesting challenge for me LOL!

Day 10 – Your dream wedding.

Hmm, ok firstly I’ve already been married and divorced. It wasn’t my dream wedding as we did it on a budget but we did what we could for the money we had. I know many of you will never have been married; nothing wrong with that!!!! I’ll go with what I wanted for as long as I can remember – my ideal wedding.

The Venue – Leez Priory in Essex

The Bouquet – Made up of Stargazer Lilies

The Dress – It’s Vera Wang! What else could it be!

The Honeymoon – Somewhere in Mexico

That is if money was no object and I was loaded and trust me I’m not.I probably could afford the bouquet and that’s it <sobs>. Still we all have our dreams!!

Onto Day 11

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx