Sleek Med Monaco

Tackling the Med on a Cold Wet Day Review of Sleek Make Up’s Mediterranean Eyeshadow Palette

I love Sundays, not as much as Saturday’s but its a day of relaxation, child free for part of it (So a nice break) and almost always a coffee at Starbucks or preferably Costa (Starbucks are not Soy friendly with cold drinks). It also means I dragged my partner shopping.

Today meant a trip to Superdrug to get yet another Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, I love that concealer but am I the only one who thinks it seems to dry up quick? While there I happened to check out the new Sleek Mediterranean collection and was telling Mark all about the reviews I’d read on blogs and how it was going to be my next one when I bought it. Lucky me for having such a nice partner, as he bought the new eyeshadow palette for me so I could do the review today! I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on one so was like a kid at a candy shop when I got home itching to try it.

| always have to give Sleek their due when it comes to packaging. There’s something almost classy and classic when it comes to their products. The box is colourful and yet not too much as to be garish with a beautiful scene designed on the front.

Inside the box is where it gets exciting though, I just think the outside of the Sleek palette is beautiful. It’s understated, simple but super sexy! (If I can say that about actual packaging?). I love it’s simplicity but I also love that it tells me its the Mediterranean palette so when I’m working through my collection of them I don’t have to open each one nor turn it over to see which one it is (Hey little things please me sometimes!).

A first for Sleek I think, we actually have a clear cellophane insert with the individual eyeshadow names on. I think this will make things a lot easier for demonstrations on YouTube and especially when trying to find dupes for high end products. Straight away I was drawn too Aquamarine, Magenta Madness and Humming Bird. I loved their bright depth of the colours.

Consisting of 12 eyeshadows with an applicator (does anyone ever use these foam applicators?) we have 8 matt shades and 4 frosted, I think 2 of the matt shades were slightly frosted but it was minimal. I was immediately thinking this is more of an evening collection but I think if you customised it with other palettes you could easily use this for daytime too.

Left to right swatches; Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight Garden, Sunset, Washed Ashore and Magenta Madness.
Left to right swatches; Summer Breeze, Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird and Moors Treasure.
What better to way to see if you like something than to give it a try? The swatches I felt were beautiful and VERY blendable. So I decided to try an evening look which 2 of my daughters decided should be called the peacock! I can see why with the colour scheme but still, what’d you think?
Please excuse my eyebrows! They needed doing but the lady wasn’t working today!
I made this look using Bamboo as a base, Humming Bird in the inner corner blended into Magenta Madness in the outer corner. I ran Lotus Flower in the crease and under the lashes and at a slightly cat eye look (to draw my eyes and make them wider) I added a little Midnight Garden in the outer corner and crease for some definition. Black eye liner to the upper and lower eye lids and a generous helping of mascara. I also added a touch of Benefit High Beam to my brow line but I don’t think the SLR camera picked it up.
I think it was a very pretty summer evening look and can see some other variations without even playing you could do with this palette. The colours are bright and strong and so workable. They blended with total ease. I have had this look on now for about 3 hours and the colours aren’t budging so I think like with the other Sleek eyeshadows the colours have staying power.
Over all, for £6.49 (or if you do the till receipt survey you can get an addition 5% off plus don’t forget those Beauty Card Points!) its a bargain palette with great high pigmented eyeshadows which you really can customise to meet your needs and what’s more have a lot of fun with!! I love this collection!
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx