Stargazer Shake and Bling Challenge

I can paint nails and can do others pretty well but doing nail art on my self? Well this is probably only the second time ever I have done it! Still I wanted to enter the Stargazer challenge even if my entry would be appalling – it might make other contestants feel lots better about themselves.

My entry into the challange was done using;

Stargazer Nail varnish in shade 155, Nail Art Pen in black,  Gold Glitter Shaker and Nail Diamonds

First I painted 2 generous coats of Stargazer Nail Varnish in Shade 155 onto my nails and allowed it to dry for 5 minutes

Using the black nail art pen brush I painted a vertical line down each nail and allowed this to dry

Using the dropper of the nail pen I put small spots on my nails and then applied gold glitter to the spots with a cotton bud/q-tip

Using the dropper size again I squeeze a line round the top of my nail and then filled it in with a brush for the ladybirds head

I wanted to use the small diamonds as eyes but couldn’t seem to pick them up so ended up using the large diamonds instead but just kept them to my thumb

My finished lady birds on my other fingers

For those that can’t tell by my pics they are meant to be ladybirds – maybe somewhat demented ones but ladybirds at the least. I didn’t have any special tools while doing my nails so have only used exactly what is listed above and a cotton bud/q-tip. Maybe the ladies out there with the real talent like Leanne from DoNotRefreeze and Kitten from KittenNails can tell me what I did wrong, or even right for that matter LOL!

All products are very reasonably priced and can be bought from

Did you enter the Stargazer Shake and Bling Challenge? If so please send me a link to your entry.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx