Spotlight/Review: John frieda Full Repair Range

Being the huge fan I am of John Frieda products, today I would like to Spotlight and Review for you the John Frieda Full Repair Range.

John Fieda Full Repair

Here is a little information about the John Frieda Full Repair range…

Styling your hair is supposed to make it look good. But frequent heat styling and colouring can lead to further damage.

The solution? Salon-inspired Full Repair hair care products. With light weight Inca Inchi Oil,  rich in omega-3, this breakthrough hair repair regimen weightlessly reverses the look and feel of damamged hair with every use. So keep your gorgeous style. Lose the damage.


The Full Repair range consists of 6 products;

Full Body Shampoo

Full Body Conditioner

Deep Conditioner

Perfect Ends Sheer Mist

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

Style Creator Heat-Activated Styling Spray

I have 4 products here which I have used reguarly and would like to share my thoughts with you on today from the Full Repair range.

John frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner
John frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner

Full Body Shampoo and Full Body Conditioner – ‘With Inca Inchi, a lightweight micro-oil rich in omega-3, this formula repairs the look and feel of overworked hair and adds body for full, flowing styles. Detangles strands, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging while combing or brushing.’

I am really picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Firstly, I like to use them together within the brand (Rather than mixing and matching brands or ranges) and often find 2 that work in harmony and suit your hair can be really difficult to find. I have only been using these products since being a super light bleach blonde. My hair is damaged (Although not to the point of breakage and stretching!) and can be really dry and frizzy. When I first went blonde I didn’t think I’d find anything that worked on my hair as much as the John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo and Conditioner (Review here) as those products really helped with my frizz and dryness! That was until I tried the Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner from the Full Repair Range.

My hair has felt so soft and conditioned since using these products. I don’t have any issues getting a comb through my hair at all and find the hair loss, or breakage is minimal. I love the fragrance of these products too. Its a sweet, almost homely fragrance. It makes a change from floral or fruity ones and also lingers on your hair too. I’ve even caught my daughter out using it as I could smell it on her hair too! I have been using these products 3 weeks and am really impressed. They are already on my shopping list to repurchase soon as I’m about 2 thirds used on both of them now. John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml £5.89

John frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner
John frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioner‘Intense repairing formula, with lightweight Incha Inchi Oil, penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of overstyled hair , reducing the risk of breakage.  Damaged hair becomes silky and full.  Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.

I recently mentioned this product in my April Favouites Video (Video here) and how its really helped my hair since going blonde. I have used a lot of different hair masks, or intense conditioning treatments in my time. As with all hair products, what works for one may not work for all. However, this is one of those few products that I’ve found seems to work for everyone I’ve spoken too who’s tried it. When I first starting using the Deep Conditioner it was after I’d take my hair to blonde (But not as light as I am now). I used it twice a week and found it really made my hair soft and glossy. Once my hair started to feel a bit better and less damamged I moved to once a week and have continued using it that way since. When I apply the Deep Conditioner I usually leave it on for a minimum of 5 minutes. I always think with these products the longer you leave them the better really. When my hair felt really dry I left it on for 20 minutes with a shower cap on. This really helps the conditioner to work on the hair shaft.

Over all, I absolutely love this product and its my second pot. Its really quite ‘sloppy’ in consistancy and feels much like a normal conditioner on your hands (I would say its no thicker than the Full Body Conditioner I mentioned above). On the hair though it works wonders and in my opinion is great for dry, overstyled hair. John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner 150ml £6.29.

John frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion
John frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion‘Smoothes and protects medium-textured hair damaged from high heat. This breakthrough formula with Inca Inchi , a lightweight, micro-oil rich in omega-3, feels like it absorbs into worn-torn strands instead of just coating the surface. Weightlessly reverses the look and feel of damage on lengths and ends to leave hair smooth, shiny and full of body. Helps protect against breakage from heat styling.’

I have always used a lot of ‘oil’ like products on my hair. Whether its Argon Oil or another form I find they really are beneficial to your hair and whatever hair type, if used correctly can really help with the hairs appearance and conditioner. What I liked about Perfect Ends Deep Infusion was how lightweight it was. I apply 2 pumps of product distributed through my hands onto towel dried hair. I concentrate mainly on the ends and mid-lengths and then any extra product left on my hands I work through the rest of it, before coming through and then styling. This product definitely makes my hair look smoother, healthier and less frizzy. It also makes me hair feel really soft and silky too.

I have used this product everytime I have washed my hair since getting it and have probably used about a third of the bottle. So, do not be put off by its small size (150ml) and whether it will be value for money. For those with hair above shoulder length I think 1 pump would be more than adequate. The pump action top makes it really easy to not use too much product I find.

As with most serums if you do apply too much, it can make your hair feel or look a little greasy. So, ‘little is more’ with this product in my opinion. It has the same fragrance as the other products in the Full Repair range too which as I’ve said before, I really love! John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion 150ml £6.99

Over all, I am really impressed with the Full Repair range from John Frieda. I don’t think I’ve used a range that works so well in conjunction with each other for a while on my hair. Many people on Youtube, Twitter and emails have asked me recently how my hair actually looks so good after everything I have put it through (Especially going blonde again) and this range takes a lot of credit for it!

You can buy the full range of Full Repair from John Frieda from Boots, where at present they are offering products on offer at 2 for £8, so a definitely bargain!

You can also check out John Frieda on their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – These products were sent to me for review purposes (Although, Deep Conditioner has been repurchased)