My spotlight today is on the No7 Match Made Service they now offer in selected Boots stores. I will also be doing a second post on their new Match Made Concealer, so make sure you come back and check out that post too.

no7 colour match

Lets be honest, it can be quite daunting getting colour matched for foundation or concealer. Some of the people on the counters can make you feel intimidated and on more than 1 occasion what looked good on me in-store and was matched to my skin tone, was nothing like my actual skin tone when I left the store. The sad thing is as a whole, most counter ladies are lovely and will get it right – but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way, we are human after all and errors are made. Then you have the flip side of the scale, where you yourself try and swatch foundations on your skin to find the right shade, get fed up and leave with the product that’s totally not right for you. That is why the new No7 Match Made Service really interested me, it takes all the hard work out and really is done within seconds.

Here is a little information about how the No7 Match Made Service works…

To find your ideal shade of foundation and concealer partner, the No7 Match Made Service involves just two simple steps:

  1. The trained No7 advisor places the unique device on the jaw-line and takes two readings. Using a series of coloured and ultraviolet lights the device assesses the colour values of facial skin and matches them to one of the 17 skin-true foundation shades, available across the range of No7 foundations and now concealers.
  2. A consultation with the No7 advisor then pinpoints exactly what the foundation needs to do in terms of texture, benefits and finish, narrowing the search down to a single product: your dream No7 foundation. This is then complemented with just the right concealer.
*source – press release*

The first part literally takes less that a minute, it really is that fast. When I went to my Boots counter here in Chelmsford the lovely No7 advisor talked me through the process. What was funny, was she was still telling me about how it worked long after using the Match Made device!

After sitting me down, she took some of my makeup off from my jaw area (Do not worry, they also patch you back up afterwards so you are not left looking silly). The Match Made device was then place on my jawline on the left side, then the right. I would say it is on there for about 10-15 seconds. That is all the device needs to get the reading and to match your skin tone.

After the No7 Advisor had looked at the readings she informed me I was very lucky as there was actually 2 shades that would match my skin perfectly. She also said that most people will match 1, some match 2, but so far she hadn’t had 1 person that the machine hadn’t matched. So, I feel that in its self is definitely worth checking out the service.

My shade matches were wrote down for me and explained

My shade matches were wrote down for me and explained

After showing my my matches of Warm Ivory and Warm Beige, she then talked through products that would work for my skin. At no point was I pressured into purchasing a product. I told the advisor I just wanted to be colour matched, that I would not be purchasing that day. She was lovely and still talked me through the products, showing me the different finishes of foundation and the 2 concealers that would match my skin perfectly.

No7 Match Made Service

The Match Made Service is a free service. You are not charged to have this service used on you, so what have you got to lose? Granted the service will only be relevant to No7 products, but if you could have a perfect match of foundation and concealer for your skin, wouldn’t it be worth trying no7 as a brand too?

No7 Match Made Service

Overall, I can’t recommend this service enough. It is one of the nicest, non-invasive services I have tried and I was very happy with the products shown to me, the colours I was matched too and the advisor too – thank you Boots store High Chelmer for having such lovely, well trained staff!

I will be reviewing the 2 concealer shades I was matched too in another post shortly, so make sure you check back for the review.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx