Sometimes its good to be a Bad Girl – Review: Sleek Makeup Bad Girl Eyeshadow Palette

Out of all the reviews and swatches I ever do eyeshadows are my most favourites! I really love working with them and playing about – its almost like being a child again and playing dress up. I’ve been gradually working my way through the older ‘regular’ Sleek i-divine shadow palettes that I don’t own and picking them up. Bad Girl has been one I have always loved the look of, so when I put my order in the other day for the Limited Edition PPQ Collaboration Me, Myself and Eye palette I grabbed this at the same time.

As you know I am a massive fan of Sleek eyeshadows. I find them great to work with, very blendable and super pigmented. I have in the past reviewed; Me, Myself and Eye, Au Naturel, Oh So Special, Curacao and Monaco palettes and done lots of Eye Of The Day posts using these and my Sleek Storm palette too. Given the choice on spending money on a palette even when I can have high end I will nearly always pick up a Sleek palette as I find them such great value.

The packaging for Bad Girl is quite understated and yet ‘funky’ at the same time. You have the signature black Sleek box and on the front a ‘Bad Girl’ neckless chain design. I really liked this touch especially as the font is gorgeous and I love the chrome design (Can you tell I’ve worked as a graphic designer?!)

Inside the box we have the classic black Sleek casing, this palette does not have the name of the collection on the front. I believe this is because it is an earlier palette but I may be wrong.

Inside the palette we have 12 mineralised eyeshadows in gorgeous shades of grey, blue and plum. Bad Girl has the most amazing array of colours and is probably the best palette for the deep smokey eye look. You are washed over with the colours of night and all things dark. But where there is dark you will always have some light and in this palette you are treated to two beautiful lighter shades perfect for bases and highlights. Also included is the large vanity mirror inside the case and the double ended sponge applicator.

Each of the eyeshadows has a name;

1- Innocence, 2- Gullible, 3- Blade, 4- Gun Metal, 5- Underground, 6- Noir, 7- Intoxicated, 8- Envy, 9- Obnoxious, 10- Abyss, 11- Twilight and 12- Rebel (Please note I have numbered them so they are easily referenced by my swatches – this is not something Sleek do).

Before swatching my favourites colours were Intoxicated (7), Obnoxious (9) and Twilight (11).

After swatching I fell in love with Obnoxious and knew this would be the main colour I would use to do my eye of the day for this palette.

I have to say I think even with the colourful palettes like Curacao and Monaco this one has been my most fun – having said that I’ve not tried Acid yet! You could easily create smokey eyes for this palette as the colours are perfect. I feel with a little but of play you could also use Bad Girl as a day time palette too. I personally feel this will be my fun evening palette. I really loved the effect I got with a wet angled eye shadow brush and Obnoxious for the cat eye. It made a great change to using black!

I can’t really praise Sleek enough with their i-divine palettes. So far there hasn’t been one I’ve disliked. They are fabulous value for money, last well on me with or without a primer and are so easily to blend. They are palettes to have a lot of fun with! I love Bad Girl, even though Au Naturel is easily a day time palette and favourite even over my Urban Decay Naked Palette I can easily see Bad Girl being up there next to it – sorry Storm palette I feel you may have been pushed further down the line!

You can buy BadGirl in Superdrug stores or like I did online from Sleek. The palettes cost £6.49.

Have you been a bad girl yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx