So? Dry Shampoo Range

I know what you are thinking, but So? make fragrances right? Well, they also have a fantastic Dry Shampoo line and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on it…

So? Dry Shampoo

Not just created for using between washes (getting rid of oily hair), they’re formulated for giving your hair a yummy burst of fragrance, adding volume and creating a messy bedhead look aka Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

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So? Dry Shampoo Lovely and Va Va Volume
So? Dry Shampoo Lovely and Va Va Volume

I have been trying out Lovely and Va Va Volume for a little while now and wanted to share with you my thoughts on these little lovelies!

So? Dry Shampoo Lovely
So? Dry Shampoo Lovely

Lovely dry shampoo from So? is a sweet, floral scent with notes of apple, violet and sandalwood – it reminds me of Spring and smells heavenly on your hair. As well as making your hair smell amazing, it also removes built up oils (When you are in-between washes) and volume. I If you have darker hair and are worrying about it looking powdery, lift sections of your hair and spray at the roots, but taking a small section and spraying under your ‘parting’, you can remove the oil there and aren’t left with that ‘paler’ hair colour you sometimes can get.

I found this quite a concentrated product, I didn’t need very much to get my hair through till the next wash. I also found it went with many of my Spring fragrances as the scent is lovely and it complimented them. Definitely a ‘girlie’ fragrance, but one I would purchase again.

So? Dry Shampoo Va Va Volume
So? Dry Shampoo Va Va Volume

Va Va Volume dry shampoo from So? does EXACTLY what it says on the can. This product gives you great volume if sprayed under sections and then ‘ruffled’ with your fingers. Not just for volume, this also helps with oily hair in between washes – although, I used it just to create volume at times too! It also has a gorgeous fragrance with notes of mango, orange flower and vanilla.

This is another product which you do not need loads of to get the job done! I also found you can cut back on back combing and applying this under where you have backcombed, by then ruffling it with your fingers you can create even more volume and it lasts too. I was really impressed with Va Va Volume and for the super reasonable price, this will meet almost all budgets.

The So? dry shampoo range is available in 4 delicious scents (Fabulous, Glamorous, Lovely and Va Va Volume) and each 150ml can is only priced at £1.49, available at Savers stores and Fragrance Direct.

For more information on So? Hair care, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

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