Sleek Makeup The Nude Collection (Inc Au Naturel Palette)

I feel like I am the last one to review this, I feel even worse that I’ve had these items over a week and not reviewed them. I am a bad bad blogger! I’d like to say its because I have been so busy, which I have been busy but has more to do with the fact that I really wanted to play with the eyeshadows and test them more so that the other Sleek palettes. Why you may ask? Namely as I think this is probably their most wearable palette too date!

It took a few shopping trips to be able to get the whole collection as it kept selling out! But finally I did manage to get it all (See my haul post). I’m going to save the best for last (I now feel like Dina Carroll and even older – euugh!) and start off with the pout polishes.

I have heard too many great things about Pout Polishes by Sleek yet I have never tried one. There is a reason, I have so many lip glosses and balms that the pout polish too me didn’t seem like something new. Yes they smell nice and come in a cute little case but what made them special compared too others.

Firstly the Sleek Pout Polishes come in 12 different shades so you have lots too chose from! They contain vitamins A, C and E so are great for your lips and natural oils like Avocado, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. Another great attribute is they have a SPF 15, so protect for your lips from the Sun. For this review I obviously used Bare Minimum Pout Polishes which is the balm which was linked too the Nude Collection.

Swatched you are left with a soft nude brown which couldn’t look more natural. There really is a ‘barely there’ hint of colour. I do love a nude lip but this was a little too nude even for me.

Sleek Pout Polishes do leave your lips in really great condition and are lovely on, I did like Bare Minimum but I feel its a little too ‘basic’. I know its meant to be a nude but I would have liked just a tiny bit more colour. I will however be trying some of the other Pout Polishes as I’d be interested to see how they fair in terms of colours. The Pout Polishes retail at £4.29 and can be bought directly from Sleek themselves or from some Superdrug stores.

 Next on the list is another first for me, this is the first blusher I have ever bought from Sleek. I do have their contouring kit but that isn’t used as a blush. I was looking forward too trying this!

The Sleek blushers are powdered blushes which when I was swatching in store are really quite pigmented! So a little goes a long way with these babies. Their blushers come in 13 different shades. For this review I chose Suede which is part of the Nude Collection.

 I really loved the packaging of the Nude Collection blush, it was quite pretty and striking. The blush comes in a small rectangle compact which has a mirror and the solid blush powder inside. Unfortunately when I got home I found mine had a small break in the corner of the powder.  I was slightly annoyed but these things can’t be helped and it didn’t effect me using the blusher at all.

I know I always complain about brushes and applicators that come with makeup as I never use them and find they are beyond rubbish but I was somewhat surprised that my Sleek blusher didn’t come with one. I’m not sure if it was missing or Sleek just don’t supply brushes with their blushers, but it just seemed a bit odd.

When I swatched the Suede blusher I was really impressed with the colour. It was quite strong and pigmented but not in a garish scary way. The colour can be likened warm brown (Maybe ‘Brick’ like?) with no shimmer that I could detect.

On my cheeks it gave me a lovely glow more than a flush. I loved the tone of it and how it lasted. I have since been using this blusher almost daily!

I am definitely a fan now of Sleek blushers all because of Suede from the Nude Collection and will be checking out other colours in the range to see if they are as good. Sleek’s Blushers cost around £4.29 and can be purchased direct from Sleek or some Superdrug Stores.

Lastly and most excitingly I finally am getting to the last part of the Nude Collection, the Au Naturel palette! To back track everyone knows how I love a Sleek Eyeshadow palette, it is without a doubt something I get really excited about especially when I am purchasing one I haven’t tried before!

I’m not going to talk about the quality of Sleek palettes as I feel they last well, blend well and look fantastic! I am just going to show you the palette and a look I created with it and my feelings on the colours.


As always the packaging is simple yet beautiful. I love the sleeves that Sleek make for their palettes and actually keep mine in them.

The classic black sleep case of the palette matches the others. As this is a newer palette they have also included the collection name.

The colours of the palette are all very wearable neutrals as the ‘Nude/Au Naturel’ palette suggests. I was immediately drawn too Nubuck, Taupe and Regal. These colours stood out for me but I could see me using the whole palette easily.

I numbered the palette colours to coincide with the swatches for ease. As you can see Nubuck (2), Cappuccino (3) and Honeycomb (4) were all quite hard to swatch as they are so light and neutral. These are easily used as based for the eye. Nougat (1) I like as a highlight for the brow and Taupe (6) looks lovely in the inner corner of the eye.

I decided to do a look using Nubuck (2) and Regal (11) as these were my favourite colours.

I was really pleased with the look. It was perfectly wearable for day time even using Regal as it is such a dark pigmented colour. I also did a deeper look which I have used for the EOTD post. I really loved that look too.

I feel Sleek has made the most wearable palette yet! I would go as far to say colour wise I maybe prefer this to my Urban Decay Naked palette! That is quite a statement too! With the addition of Noir (12) into the palette and the beautiful deeper shades on the lower half this palette can easily be used for day or night and still fit the trend of a natural look.

The Au Naturel palette can be bought directly from Sleek themselves or from some Superdrug stores and costs £6.49.

Have you bought the Nude Collection yet by Sleek Makeup? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx