SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara

Having said I would review this nearly a year now, I’m pleased to share with you my thoughts on SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara and why I think its better than spending 3 time that amount to get the same, if not better effect…

SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara

I’m really excited to write this review, namely as I want to compare it to another mascara that’s far more pricey and the results (On me) have been much better. I’m all for saving money (So, I can spend it on other lovely things) and if you find a budget product that performs well beyond its price band – well, you need to shout about it right?

Here is a little information about the SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara from Boots….

Create show stopping eye drama this season with SEVENTEEN’S NEW ‘doll’d Up’ mascara. With special lash lifting 24hour curl & volume benefits and an anti-clump brush, you can make sure that your lashes stay firmly in the limelight.SEVENTEEN’S ‘doll’d Up’ mascara uses a curved brush specially designed to give you a fabulous set of doll like lashes to super-charge your cheeky side this winter for amazing volume and curl without clumping. Create a beautiful overstated wide-eyed look, by applying to your top and bottom lashes . With up to 24 hours of staying power you can flutter your lashes all day and night.


Now I always loved Peep Show Mascara by SEVENTEEN 17 Cosmetics (Review here), for those on a budget who wants long, volumes lashes, I didn’t think you could fault it. It was at the time that the lovely Liloo (Tsunimee) said she would love me to review doll’d Up and it went on my list ever since. Now a long time has passed since I reviewed Peep Show and recently when SEVENTEEN 17 mascaras all went on offer for £4 I decided to grab one and share with you my thoughts – boy, am I glad I did!

SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara

Unlike other mascaras I own doll’d up has a curved wand, its not my favourite type of shape I admit after having bad experiences with an Avon one I didn’t like it, but it is plastic and has the type of bristles I do prefer.

Doll’d Up is available in 2 colours, BLACK and Brown/BLACK, I don’t think I own any mascaras that aren’t black, so obviously went for that one. It boasts up to 24 hour curl and volume, with no clumping and doll like lashes… yadda, yadda, yadda… You know the speal right? So, I put it to the test.

So, what did it do? Well, the better question would be what did it not do. I got length – A LOT of it. I got volume and there is definitely curl there. In fact, I have NEVER had a mascara that helped to give me curl and make it last. My lashes looked just as they would claim to be, doll like. I don’t think there has ever been a mascara that gave me exactly what I wanted (Within obviously realistic expectations) and doll’d up did just that.

Did it last? I popped this one at 7:30am in the morning when I did my makeup for the day. Generally I do not touch anything up throughout the day less I am filming (Including powder) and didn’t on the day I tried this first of all either. I didn’t have any smudging, no panda eyes, flaking or anything. It lasted on my eyes and looked like when I first applied it till gone 14 hours later – I thought that was pretty impressive.

Does it remind you of any other mascaras? This is where I’m sure I will get feedback from everyone as to being crazy, but this is just an opinion, ok? I was never a huge fan of Benefits, ‘They’re Real!’ mascara. I personally still think its overrated, but got a reasonable look out of it once I worked out how to apply it without looking like a I had spiders legs for lashes (Not an effect I like to be honest). I got better (And by better I mean miles better) length and curl from doll’d Up than I EVER got with They’re Real! In fact, I would say my lashes look longer, fuller and more false lash effect with Doll’d Up which is a third of the price of They’re Real! plus I get flaking with They’re Real! So, in honesty, if you are a fan of They’re Real! or wanted to try it and find its too pricey, give doll’d Up a go, for the price you won’t be losing much if you don’t like it!

Would you repurchase? Within a heart beat! I already intend to stock up on this little beauty as I cannot express how much I love it on my lashes and how great it makes them look. For something that really is lower end price in the world of mascaras, the results are that of a high end mascara and it lasts really well too!

SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara - No Mascara
SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara – No Mascara
SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara - 1 coat
SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara – 1 coat
SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara - 2 coats
SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara – 2 coats
SEVENTEEN 17 doll'd UP Mascara - 3 coats (Plus botton lashes 1 coat)
SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara – 3 coats (Plus botton lashes 1 coat)

You can purchase the SEVENTEEN 17 doll’d UP Mascara in Boots stores and online. It costs £6.29 for 9ml of product and is available in 2 colours. At present it is on offer again at Boots on 3 for 2 across selected SEVENTEEN 17 cosmetics.

For more information 17 and their products why not check out their WebsiteFacebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx