I’ve been buying A LOT lately but I am a girl after all who still loves to shop. There’s still things I want and would love but my bank balance <sobs> won’t allow. So here’s my September wish list of things I would love to get (And May if I come into some money!).

Even though I have only just bought a watch this is my dream ‘girl’ – the Michael Kors MK5039 model. I have tried it on in the shop now 3 times (Yes the people there think I am a watch stalker) and its not that I can’t afford it. I can but at present money needs to be spent elsewhere which is why I’ve held off. The watch is priced at £179 in most jewellery stores but if you shop around you can get it a fair bit cheaper. I don’t know what it is about this watch I love, just that it looks great on me. As Mariah once sung, ‘We belong together…..’

I saw this while shopping the other day in Warehouse, its the Animal Belted Cardi. Its so cute and will look great with jeans, leggings, jeggings and trousers. Its £55 but with the 20% offers Warehouse have had running you can get it cheaper. Too cute and a definite wardrobe must have for the colder season approaching.

I need a hair dryer, I already have one but it literally burns my head. On heat setting 1 its cold (Obviously), heat setting 2 it burns and heat setting 3 it could cause a nuclear holocaust. Please note it is only 4 months old so not exactly faulty or on its way out. Given the choice after seeing lots of reviews and raves about the product I would have a Diva Pro Rapida 5000. I am yet to find a bad review on one and they look and sound amazing! Prices vary but I’ve found one on Amazon for £79.99. This is definitely an essential for me with Winter approaching!

While shopping today in River Island I say this cute sweatshirt. I love sweatshirts for casual days especially around the house or just chilling with friends. This one in the picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s slightly oversized and has a wide neck so sits almost off the shoulder. It’s not too heavy on the material so won’t way you down or make you feel like you are in a ‘sweat tank’ but really comfortable and warm enough to take off the winter chill. This is a definite buy soon as the only reason I didn’t grab it today is because they didn’t have my size. The Blue Print Sweat Top at River Island is £28 which I feel is a really good price for a casual top.

With the season change I often find I change my perfume too. I do love the Summer scents but I find with Winter I need something a little more ‘spicey’ and warm. This year I think I’ll be treating myself too Gucci Guilty. I quite like Gucci fragrances and find they last well on my skin. Guilty has undertones of patchouli and amber. Debenhams currently are selling the 50ml bottle for £48 but I’m sure if you shopped around you could get it cheaper.

Well, that’s my current wish list. I can’t really believe I’ve not got one makeup item on here. I think I’ve gone a bit OTT with makeup purchases lately and have a few things I need to use up first. I am looking for a medium to heavy coverage foundation so if anyone has any good recommendations I’d love to hear them!

What’s your Wish List items at present?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx